January 30, 2013

Sound !

Good news or bad news ? I will start with good news :D ... Elikatira is having a SALE AGAIN !! All hairs are 70 % off ! Oh and I don`t have bad news.
As I learn more about photoshop I get more excited to try new things and I played a little more then usual with this program.

Also I kind of used a little thing named Vividtone ( is a new technique made to enhance the skin tone without the loss of detail. As we all know, many skin builders do not allow their skins to be modified. Skins that are modifiable, however, lose definition as the color changes. Vividtone is a new way to work with (modify) 3D skins while keeping the importance of the details that make every skin unique.VIVIDTONE is worn as a tattoo layer ).

Essences Wedsnesday - Light Skintone at The Dressing Room Fusion
Evian Petra Vividtone 
Fake Cateye & Avon Makeup 
Fake Realistic Eyes - Blue Beach
Elikatira Sound - Bright Blondes ( 70 L$ // Sale )
Kim Top part of Summer Dress - Sand
Mimi Noire Wrap Sweater - Honey
Meli Imako Ruffle Mini Skirt
Ju Charlie Boots - Pastel Peche
Izzie`s Long Flower Necklace - Cyan
Slink Mesh Hands - Casual

Izzie`s Silicone Model Poses

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