July 31, 2012

Fairs, Sweet Fairs !!

Hello my dear readers, this weekend was a very busy one for me in rl so I didn`t get the chance to make a post with all the new goodies, and also tomorow I am going on vacation for five days. But I can`t leave without letting you know about some fabulous events so check the credits bellow.

JeSyLiLO Scarlett Light Skin @ Vanity Fair !   NEW!!
JeSyLiLO Eyes - Green @ Vanity Fair !   NEW!!
Tameless Despina - Blonde @ Vanity Fair !   NEW!!
*Cosmopolitan Nude* Alexa Shape
Geometry Rorschach - White/Black @ FaMESHed ! ( available from 1st august ) NEW!!
Loovus Dzevavor Pantone Pumps - Aboriginal Fall Collection ( available from 7 september ) 
Izzie`s 50`s Pearl Necklace - Red
Izzie`s 80`s Round Nails - Red @ Vintage Fair ! (available from 4th august ) NEW!!
Finesmith Indonesia Ring - Diamond

Purple Poses

July 26, 2012

Hope For Emilia !!

Like many of you already know, a terrible earthquake devasted a large region on Italy, so this event Hope for Emilia, it`s for raising founds to help people to rebuild their houses and lives. All proceds that will come from the sale of this outfit I am wearing will be donated to the cause.

*My Uglydorothy* Twiggy Skin - 08 Burly NEW!!
*Les petits details* Gen Outfit - Smoke @ Hope for Emilia ! NEW!!
(Red)Mint Hair o3 - Golden Brown/Satin Blond @ Hair Fair ! NEW!!
N-core Coquette Platforms - Wild Edition FREE!!
*Les petits details* Club Bag Silver - On hand NEW!!
MG Eden Sun Pendant - Long
{me} Lilium Bracelets & Rings NEW!!
Scrub Polychrome Nails NEW!!

Purple Poses

July 24, 2012

Like A Princess !!

        Hello !! Last night I was strugglin to make two photos and it took me 3 hours OMG !! Of course when I make pics on the studio it doesn`t take me so long, but everywhere else on high settings my laptop crashes over and over again, and every setting I try to make it on high it takes me about 15-20 or even 30 seconds till is activated. Sometimes I say to myself " Ok this is it!! No more photos outdoors!! ", well it`s hard to listen myself cause I do like some nice views. I really don`t know what to do, it`s so frustratting when something is not rezzed well and I have to take that photo again, it is really hard. And I am so mad I didn`t listen to my friend when I bought this laptop, he was telling me that this graphic card is not that good, though the other "things" are pretty good, I am such a noob on technology. Now I can`t buy another one, I have it for one year only, but I do miss pc. Oh and btw Iphone sucks too !! If you don`t belive me then try to save your numbers on the sim, it won`t work, so if your iphone brokes or you loose it, you will loose all your numbers, and this is just one of the many inconviniences I found on it ! Yay \o/ !!

                                            Ok now for my post today, I hope you all like it :)

*My UglyDorothy* Twiggy Skin - 07 Burly ( teeth )  NEW !!
*Cosmopolitan Nude* Alexa Shape - 150 L$ NEW !!
Izzie`s Deep Dark Eyes - Black NEW !!
LOGO Alessandra Hair - Blonde @ Hair Fair !
Rama Rowanberry Satin Lace Dress
Vero Modero Boots from Okul Set - Black
WTG Ribbon-Classic Tiara & Bangles with Gloves

Purple Poses  - Gabriela NEW !! 

July 21, 2012

Fabulous can be cheap or free !!

       I haven`t gone hunting or collect group gifts for a long time and I almost forgot the trill when you find something cute and the joy of not knowing what will you find in the box. The Gallery Gift Shop celebrates it`s one year anniversary with gifts and a hunt, from there I got this cute glasses and envelope clutch. I descovered today a shop that I never heard before, it`s called Fanatik and is offering a fabulous pencil skirt as a group gift, joining is free for a limited period of time. The hair style I am wearing is a 1 L$ gift from Ison at Hair Fair! and this skin I have worn in the last 3 or 4 posts that I absolutely fall in love with is from JeSyLiLO at a special of 80 L$ at Stuff in Sock for a limited period of time also. I feel fabulous in this outfit and I hope you all enjoy my photos, oh and hurry up that hunt doesn`t last much longer !!

JeSyLiLO Skin @Stuff in Stock !
*Cosmopolitan Nude* Alexa Shape - 150 L$ NEW !!
Ison Viviana @ Hair Fair ! - 1 L$ 
Izzie`s Bow Tie Blouse - Beige
Fanatik Pencil Skirt Leather - Rose GROUP GIFT, FREE !!
::HH:: Hucci D`Ann Pumps - Coral ( Old Som Gift )
[22769] Femme Envelope Bag - Champaign Hunt Gift The Gallery Gift Shop
Kumaki Summer Round Specs - Hunt GiftThe Gallery Gift Shop
WTG Modish GW  Jeweled Nails
WTG Dignity Bangles

-label motion-  Free Poses

July 20, 2012

Hair Fair should be at least twice a year !!

Last night I couldn`t sleep at all, so I took a nap today for about 4 hours and now I can`t sleep again, so I decided to make a post but I have a lack of concentration so I will be short: Enjoy it ! :)

JeSyLiLO Skin @ Stuff in Stock ! 
*Cosmopolitan Nude* Alexa Shape ( NEW ) 150 L$
[Iren] Posh - Swedish @ Hair Fair ! 
Toki - Doki Tied Knot Shirt - Mint
[Amarelo Manga] Capri Pants - Tobacco Brown ( Recent Release )
R.icielli Carmelia Pumps - Orange
[Amarelo Manga] Crocodile Travel Bag - Nude 
Izzie`s Feather Earings - Beige ( NEW )
[DDL] Manic Monday Bracelets ( GROUP GIFT )
Izzie`s Classic Nails

-label motion- Free poses

July 17, 2012

Hair Fair Is Still Going On !!

Today I want to show you one of my favorite hair style from [Iren] that it`s available at Hair Fair, it is different from other hair and I don`t know what exactly attracts me, maybe the long curly style, or the way it falls on my shoulders, but it`s gorgeous. And one more thing I haven`t said yet, in case someone doesn`t know, Hair Fair is a charity event and each store donate a percentage of their money from purchases to Wigs for kids !

Happy shopping !! :)

JeSyLiLO Skin @ Stuff in Stock ! ( NEW )
*Cosmopolitan Nude* Alexa Shape ( NEW ) 150 L$
"tsg" Smooth Eyes - Aqua
[Iren] Melanie - Sweden @ Hair Fair ! ( NEW )
KIM Mesh Bikini - Black
Gok Net Maxi Skirt - Black ( NEW For Fi`Fridays )
Scrub Puzzle Nails
WTG Bang Necklace ( Midnight Mania Gift For Group Members )
WTG Bang Ring ( Mini-mania Gift For Everyone )

WetCat Emanuel Runway Poses

July 16, 2012

My personal review and opinions about the gifts from Hair Fair !!

      As any customer I love gifts so my first walk at Hair Fair was for window shopping and goodies. I found six hair styles that I like very much and also are wearable, and when I say that is cause I found some really ugly gifts that made me disappointed. If you don`t want to give a wearable item then just don`t make some hideous thing and drop it like a gift, who is going to wear a big pie on his/her head?or two trees?  Bliss made one gift, they probably wanted to be a couture item, well to me looks like a huge blonde pie that I would never wear it. In my opinion a designer should make his gift at the same quality as what they sale, but I have good impressions also such as: the team from HF made a very good job and I haven`t got any lag at all, and I must say I usually have lag everywere cause of my bad laptop. Some new or maybe old stores, i really don`t know, but I never heard about them before had impressed me by the good quality and nice gifts. Of course there are more nice hair gifts but I kind of made my own top six of the best.
  Overall the excitement about Hair Fair is the same as at begining and I will keep going there untill it ends  :) 







By the way this photos aren`t edited so everyone can see exactly what beautifull gifts you can pick from 

JeSyLiLO Skin @ Stuff in Stock 
"tsg" Smooth Eyes - Aqua
Reasonable Desires Pink Sweetie Bra ( Old Gift for FabFree )

July 13, 2012

No It`s Not Christmas Is Better: It`s Hair Fair !!!

As usual when it`s a sale or fair like in this case I`m broke .... I don`t know how is this possible, everytime I don`t need that much I have money but when I need them more the wind it`s blowing in my virtual pocket. Hair Fair it`s my favorite of all fairs, I am a hairocholic in sl. Now I have some master plans in my mind how to get a huge amount of money for the next week so I can spend them on hair \o/ . Well actually I will just fill my card, but enough with me and look what a cute hair released Logo and it will be available at Hair Fair, I choosed an Auburn colour that looks so great on a tan skin. Later updates about Hair Fair will come in the next days when I will be able to shop, and also if you haven`t join yet there is a demo group were you can get them so you can avoid making hundreads of tp`s to unpack a demo, copy paste it in your local chat  =>

Mother Goose`s Charmy Skin ( 1 L$ )
"tsg" Smooth Eyes - Aqua
*LpD* Barbara Lipgloss - Dense ( From Barbara New Skin Line )
Logo Michelle II - Auburn @ Hair Fair ! ( NEW )
Toki-Doki Naoko Jacket - ZigZag
*LpD* Boho Girl - Beige ( Only The Top )
ColdLogic Breslin Shorts - Tomato ( NEW )
Toki-Doki Studded Loafers - Mint
ASO! Cross Antique Necklace - Gold & Crystal
ASO! Leather Cross Bracelets - Gold & Blue; Gold & Yellow
Izzie`s Classic Nails

Purple Poses

July 12, 2012

A Blogger Challenge: Unedited !!

Recently I descovered a new project [Sl Blogger Support] wich offers great tips and helps bloggers with informations. There is a page with challenges for us and I wanted to try a few, let me tell you it is so fun :)

The first challenge I accept is Harlow Heslop ` s Unedited: A Blogger/Photographer Challenge and quoting the infos from Flickr: "This is a blogging/photography challenge put together by Harlow Heslop. Your challenge is to take a completely unedited photograph in Second Life. You are allowed to use any windlight you please, but you aren’t allowed to use HUDs, photoshop, or any other altering/editing software to enhance/decorate your photograph. How beautiful will your photo be? Time to find out!"

In this blogpost I am wearing the newest release from [monso]  a sweet crochet sweater in pink and a gorgeous skirt from Gok  wich looks sooooo similar to a skirt I want to buy in rl :)

Izzie`s Gala Skin - Pale BLB CL @ One Voice Fundraiser ! ( NEW )
"tsg" Smooth Eyes - Aqua
.::Censored::. Eyeliner @ One Voice Fundraiser ! ( NEW )
[Burley] Reena - Light Blondes
[monso] My Crochet Sweater - Pink ( NEW )
*LpD* Marie Antoinette ( Top: part of this dress )
Gok Shimmer Maxi Skirt - Peach ( NEW )
::HH:: Hucci D`Ann Pumps - Coral ( Old SOM Gift )
Finesmith Mohar Earings & Bracelet - Gold 
Izzie`s Classic Nails

WetCat Falbala Poses @ One Voice Fundraiser ! ( NEW )

July 10, 2012

I support Gala Phoenix !!

I hurd about the legal issues between Hush and Curio about a week ago or so, I consider myself still a noob in sl because of many things I haven`t got the oportunity to learn such as inspecting skins to tell if that is stolen or not. I tend to stay neutral on other`s battles, but I do like to help and for that reason I am supporting Gala Phoenix `s Fundraiser by showing you a few items in the next posts that are sold for the benefit of her and the legal fees she has to pay. 

Letting bad things beside I want to show you a precious gown from *LpD* that Nevery made it for Maniera Westwood Event, and you have one week to buy it :) 

{essences} Moana Skin - Rosy Pale @ One Voice Fundraiser 
Elikatira Abbey Hair - Brown
Finesmith Louise Luminous Necklace & Bracelet - Pearl change ( NEW )
*LpD* Marie Antoinette Dress - Sunset @ Maniera Westwood Event ( NEW )
Nardcotix Absinthe Heels - Black & White ( Old Gift )

Purple Poses Barbie ( NEW )

July 4, 2012

Kind of "Pay it Forward" for two great persons in second life !!

When I want to make pictures out in the nature I always choose Izzie`s sim for two reasons: great textures on landscaping and cute look. She is good in every department: makes gorgeous clothes,accesories and recently skins, also she helps everyone with informations wich they need, till now I couldn`t find a flaw. Izzie is a role model, I describe her only by judging her work,achievements and from one small talk we had. 

So I heard from many people about Gogo and I was thinking " Ok, she is one of the oldest bloggers in sl, she does good pictures, but why everyone is so excited about her? " I just couldn`t understand, and I started to follow her blog about 1 month ago, and now I totally get the point, she is not just a blogger she also teach us great tips for better photos and mirrors in sl wich I find them very useful like in this post Vintage Denim. Though my pictures with mirror effect are not quite as I want at the moment, I will get them improved. 

I want to thank Gogo and Izzie just for one think, for being who they are, two great persons for comunity in second life !!

Izzie`s Eliza Skin - Pale ( NEW )
Izzie`s Black Eyeliner & Rose Lipstick ( From Cristina Skin )
"tsg" WetLook - Deep Aqua ( Recent Release )
Action Hair Hele - Bleached ( Group Gift, fee to join )
ColdLogic @ Fameshed ! Swift Top - Sour Apple ( NEW )
ColdLogic @ Fameshed ! Swift Shorts - Orange Sherbert ( NEW )
Izzie`s Flower Flats - Yellow ( NEW )
Izzie`s Heart Bag - Yellow Plain ( NEW )
Izzie`s Classic Nails
~Pepper~ Summer Bracelets - Light Green & Yellow ( NEW )

Purple Poses