June 27, 2012

Free in the wild !!

                                             Listen to: Everlast - White Trash Beautiful

Izzie`s Estella Skin - Pale BLB CL ( NEW )
Izzie`s Lipstick - Pink
"tsg" WetLook Eyes - Ice Blue ( NEW )
[Burley]  Zia II - Light Blondes
Glam Affair @ C88 ! Zoe Dress - Golden Sand
Izzie`s Hair Flower - Peach ( Gatcha, 20 L$ per play )
Izzie`s Classic Nails

Purple Poses & Manifeste ( old gift )

June 20, 2012

A wanderer in the world !!

Yesterday Jane has released some cute dresses that are perfect for summer and easy to wear, in this post I have choosen Shasta and to complete my outfit I wear the newest release from Izzie`s, Flower flats, wich are the first pair of shoes made by Izzie and they are so well done and cute. 
[Yulicie] has also news for us, Noelle has made 2 new hair styles, Rock wich I wear in this post is a cute short hair with hat that gives a bit of retro air. 

Hugs and kisses <3 !!

Izzie`s Cristina Skin - Pale Lb Cl
"tsg"  Eyes Smooth - Aqua ( NEW )
[Yulicie] Rock - Light Blonde ( NEW )
Jane Shasta Dress - Melon ( NEW )
Izzie`s Flower Flats - White ( NEW )
[Monso] @ Bombi ! My Bag - Crane
ASO! Leather Bracellet Cross - Blue Sorbet 
Izzie`s Classic Nails 

Purple Poses Sutton ( NEW )

June 19, 2012

Simple !!

Today I don`t want to wear accesories, today I want to show you a confident attitude in a simple outfit. I think you all know [monso], a little store were you can find mesh clothes in a high quality designs and textures, well I advice you my darlings to go and try a demo of this cute shirt that is so easy to match with anything and I bet you will want to buy it immediatly :). 

TSG has released eyes with some nice colours, personally I like black or turquoise eyes, but other colours are good looking also. 

I wish you all a fabulous day, xoxo !!

Hush Christine Bronze - Vanilla (mb)
"tsg" Eyes Smooth - Aqua ( NEW )
Esk-imo Bobbie Hair - Type 1 Blonde 
[monso] My First Shirt - Orange
Chandelle Pants Jelo - Blue
Toki-Doki: Studded Loafers - Offwhite ( NEW )
Izzie`s: Classic Nails

Purple Poses

June 17, 2012

Summer In A Box !!

JeSyLiLO: Light Skin - Lazy Sunday
Mayfly Liquid Light Eyes - Rainshower ( NEW )
Elikatira: Abbey - Blonde
ASO! @ Midnight Dream !: Bikini Set - Blue ( NEW )
Pixel Mode: Fae Wedge Denim - Blue ( May`s SOM Gift )
Izzie`s: Classic Nails

WetCat: Summer in a box ( Group Gift )

Fifty Linden Fridays are back & ZombiePopcorn Carnival !!

Hello my dear readers <3 ..... I have good news, Fifty Linden Fridays is back and i couldn`t resist to check the stores wich participated this friday and I found at Wassabi Pils a cute blonde hair with pink highlights. Also this week were some new releases at Izzie`s, leggings with aztec print and let me say I am a huge fan of them in rl were I have norway, aztec and paper/magazines print. For any other releases and news you can check credits bellow the photos. 

Wish you all a gorgeous sunny day <3 !!

JeSyLiLO: Jessica - Light Skin 
JeSyLiLO: JesLips - Dark Pink
Mayfly: Liquid Light Eyes - Rainshower ( NEW )
Izzie`s @ ZombiePopcorn Carnival !: Loose Crochet Top - Pink ( NEW )
Izzie`s @ ZombiePopcorn Carnival !: Leggings Aztec Print - Cyan ( NEW )
Toki-Doki: Studded Loafers - Tan ( Recent Release )
Izzie`s @ Perfect Wardrobe !: Cracked Nails ( NEW )
~Pepper~: Necklace & Bracelets - Mamba Black ( NEW )

Purple Poses: Kristin ( ZombiePopcorn Carnival ) & Guitar Poses ( NEW )

June 11, 2012

Sunday Walks !!

       Heey <3  ..... I had to make a new post to show you this skin from JeSyLiLO wich beside the cheap price ( 75 L$ ) has a special think that I see sometimes, cute and sexy in the same time. Truth has a group gift in the subscribe-o-matic, Jessie - all colours, that is very cute .... a month ago Clawtoth gave a gift very similiar with this but with a short tail and available in one colour only ..... Truth is being generous so go girls pick that gift :)
      Enough with gifts and cheapies, Toki-Doki has released some casual but stilish loafers that are perfect for long walks ( your feets won`t hurt :D ).
      CHIC² is lasting till 24 june so make sure you take a look because are a lot of things such as hair, clothes, shoes and also furniture and of course a few gifts. 


JeSyLiLO: Light Skin - Lazy Sunday ( 75 L$ )
Izzie`s: Teeth Set 
Truth: Jessie - Mirage w/roots ( SOM Gift )
Jane : Keen Tank - Quarry
Maitreya: Zipper Skinny Jeans - Dirty
Toki-Doki: Studded Loafers - Blue ( NEW )
Kim @ Private Room: Square Earings ( NEW )
MG @ CHIC² !: Eden Sun Pendant - Short ( NEW )
ASO!: Leather Cross Bracelet - Sorbet Blue
Izzie`s: Classic Nails

Purple Poses: Kristen ( Soon @ Zombie Popcorn Carnival )

June 8, 2012

From Roxi With Love !!

                                        For so many years we were friends 
                                    And yes I always knew what we could do 
                                           But so many tears in the rain 
                                               Felt the night you said 
                                            That love had come to you 
                                        I thought you were not my kind 
                                    I thought that I could never feel for you 
                                    The passion and love you were feeling 
                                                    And so you left 
                                                  For someone new 

                                      And now that you are far and away
                                             I`m sending a letter today
                                               From Roxi with love !!

Listen to: Sarah Connor - From Sarah with love !

Apple May Design @ CHIC² !! Bebe Skin - Peachy Soho 1 ( NEW )
Izzie`s: Natural Mesh Eyes - Emerald
Lamb!: Pearl (mesh) - Blur Root
Izzie`s: Bow Tie Blouse - Beige
Kim @ CHIC² !!: Monna Mesh Skirt - Leo & Black ( NEW )
(Shiny Things): Delphine Pumps - Gold ( SOM Gift )
Izzie`s: Classic Nails
Chloe @ CHIC² !! Honeycomb Rings - Honey ( NEW )

{What Next} @ CHIC² !!: Hampton Garden Set - Iron ( multiple poses )
WetCat: Emanuel Runway ( NEW ) & Simple Haute Runway Poses

June 4, 2012

Happy Birthday CHIC² !!

Today, 04.06.2012 is Chic Management`s second birthday and for celebrating Keera Serose made a "small venue based event" (quote her) with 150 brands, each with a new exclusive item. Personally I like very much fairs and events made by Chic because I always can find something interesting even if it`s a free gift or for sale, and every fashionista can find gorgeous items that fit any budget. Happy Birthday Chic !! 

*YS&YS* @ CHIC2 !: Irene Skin - Cateye ( NEW )
[Umeboshi] @ SVAP !: Coro Eyes - Charcoal ( NEW )
.Pekka. @ CHIC2 !: Hydra Lip Balm ( NEW )
[Burley] @ CHIC2 !: Reena - Light Blondes ( NEW )
ColdLogic: Mathis Romper - Toffee ( NEW )
Ju: Charlie Boots
tram.: Chain Headband - Brown ( Hunt in-store for group members, free to join )
MG @ CHIC2 !: Eden Sun Pendant - Long ( NEW )
*YS&YS* @ CHIC2 !: ChicBirthday Gift ( FREE )
WTG: Modish Jeweled Nails - GW ( NEW )
Osakki @ CHIC2 !: Rio Clutch - Baltic ( NEW )

Purple Poses: Alexia ( NEW )