November 26, 2012

Euphoria shopping ..

Heya sweeties! This weekend was madness, in rl and sl, tho in rl I didn`t shop ( just clothes because it was my birthday and it was gift ) in sl I was very anxious to see what will be on sale for Black Friday.

I had a very limited budget because I spent almost all my money on monday/tuesday, before I knew it will be Black Friday. But I got the opportunity to get myself a few nice things from Euphoria with only 50 L$/item and there was also FLF so I bought this cute skin with red nose,Wynter, from Belleza.

I am a little sleepy right now so we will catch up later, check out credits for my super deals !

Belleza Wynter Skin   for FLF 50 L$
Bilo Najwa Eyes - Mist Blue at Unhinged Eku
Wassabi Pills Amelie - Crystal Pink at Euphoria 50 L$
Gok Coated Blazer at Euphoria 50 L$
Gok Lace Body Suit - Black at Euphoria 50 L$
Meli Imako Ladies Skinny Low Rise Jeans
Dadabeiz Elegant Peep Toes - Semi Black Lace
Fleshtone The Daenerys Bag at Euphoria 50 L$
DDL Faith Bracelet  free
Izzie`s Classic Nails

November 21, 2012

Happy Birthday !

Heya sweeties, today it`s my B`day and how better way to celebrate it with you guys then making a blogpost?! I was very trilled to recive so many wishes all day long, I just felt so good to see people cares about me. Since you guys don`t know who I am in rl I decided to share a few infos about me and I encourage you to do the same if you wish.

I am a 22 years old roumanian girl that loves to learn and know all related to fashion, that`s the main reason why I went to University at Journalism. One thing that botters me is that I haven`t find out yet if I have some sort of talent on anything, I use to say that I am anti-talent, but as a student I have a lot of free time and I guess I am talented on spending hours on sl.

Another characteristic of mine is that I love dogs and cats so much that I hope and dream like a little child to receive one on every birthday, Christmas, anytime. But unfortunately neither my boyfriend or parents agree to keep animals in our home. Yes, I do live with my parents and no I do not live with my boyfriend; we do want to live together but now we can`t afford to buy a house for us so we wait till the right moment comes.

I hate saying or seeing on others those self-characterisation, seems so false "Oh look at me I am smart, pretty and funny, I am perfect.." or "I hate that, I hate this, you`re a bitch, oh wait no I am a bitch, f*ck everyone I am the best.. " . Well I may overreacted but like I said why do you have to tell how you are!? Why don`t let us tell you how you are?! ( I think this is more about sl, because I reffer on people inworld, but this reflects what I think about certain people )

Enough about me for the moment, what about you? I love to see storys about people, to meet them.

Essences Maria - Soleil Dark at The Dressing Room
Bilo Najwa Eyes - Mist Blue at Unhinged Eku
Glam Affair Couture Eyeliner no.03
Fashionably Dead Saturday - Blonde
Whippet & Buck Claven Lace Blouse - Eggshell
Ricielli Blazer - Beige ( Charmin Hunt, 15 L$ )
The Secret Store Rise Skinny Jeans - Mint
Meli Imako Ladies Flat Ankle Boots - Mocha
Sugar Heart Mesh Dimple Piercings - Black Steel & Tattoo Dimples
Glow Studio Black Eye Necklace at The Dressing Room ( Past Round )
Glow Studio Shapes Bracelet at The Dressing Room Blue
Izzie`s Claw Nails - Purple

Label Motion Poses  freebie!!

November 20, 2012

Soon, maybe !

Heya sweeties !! As you can see I changed a little my blog`s aspect ( again ) and also I have made the best blogroll ever. Lately I made quite a lot of posts with furniture I just hope you guys like it.

This decor set is from Prism and it`s available at Arround the world, here I have put only a few parts because the hole set has 33 pieces and it`s a little hard to choke up all in such a small house. Inspiration theme is southern, well I like it very much because it`s like old and vintage, and beautiful colors.
From Arround the world I bring more knews: If you are a hair addict as me ... well Alice Project has released 9 hairstyles, yup that`s right, and I am wearing this gorgeous Yuri style.

I fell in love with Nawja Eyes from Bilo, a certain color that I personally like so much is Mist Blue. If you visit Unhinged to win at gatchas some of this eyes remember that there is a music venue with cool DJ`s ready to enchant your ears with good music. There you will also find a new skin, Jane, from Ys&Ys wich I must say that I find the lips very similar with llips from the notorious mesh head Chloe.

Remember those awesome ripped mesh jeans 2 posts ago? Well Meli Imako has some pretty cool skinny jeans ripped on the knee that is similar with those capri.


Ys&Ys Jane - Doll ( teeth ) > Unhinged Eku
Bilo Najwa Eyes - Mist Blue > Unhinged Eku
Glam Affair Couture Eyeliner no.03
ColdLogic Shirt Perdue - Skies
Meli Imako Ladies Skinny Low Rise Jeans Ripped
House of Hucci Roseau Booties - Desert Clay > Collabor88
Izzie`s Classic Nails

Home & Decor

Prism Southern Living > Arround the world

November 17, 2012

Fusion !

Happy Friday !! Weekend has arrived with some news about two beautiful events in sl, one of them is Unhinged Eku is a special fundraiser and the other one is the fabulous Arround the world event.

Unhinged Eku is a gatcha festival with skull theme were you can have fun also at the super awesome partys with cool Dj`s and contribute in the same way for a powerful persone that has deal with a lot of health problems in the last years. If you are interested why is so important this fundraiser check this blog, after I read this I had this strange sadness in my heart but also faith that together we can help Eku.

Finally the doors to Arround the world event has opened and I must say it is stunning, usually at events I haven`t saw so many furniture designers, but on this one I have a great pleasure to descover talented creators such as Synjari Myriam from Senzafine, I just love this set with persian influence.

Did you know that Meli Imako made some growing plants and you can collect points to win awesome clothes? Very interesting ideea. You can also get this nice skirt I am wearing if you collect 200 points.


Essences Skin "Maria" - Vivante Red - Nude Blush
Bilo Najwa Eyes - Light Green > Unhinged Eku 
!Lamb Gemini - Blood Fruit
Geometry Eku Tank - Grey > Unhinged Eku 
Meli Imako Side Slit Mini Skirt - Black  
Dadabeiz Que Shoes - Black ( Sale in store till 30 November, all items are 150 L$ and fatpacks are -50% )
Glow Studio Black Eye Necklace > TDR
Izzie`s Claw Nails - Grey
Nani Graceful Ballet & Harvest Wine Poses > Arround The World 

House & Furniture:

Ziau Zen Garden Skybox > Arround The World 
Senzafine Pakistani Set ( Antique Divan, Inlaid Mughal Chest, Overdyed Persian Carpet, Framed Illuminated Persian Manuscript, Turquoise Mosaic Mirror, Turquoise Pitcher ) > Arround The World 

November 14, 2012

Arround the world !

Hello, I have to tell you: tomorow starts a new fabulous event called Arround the world and I couldn`t wait to show you a few previews. Please keep in mind that I can`t put slurl yet, but don`t worry coz tomorow I will update this blogpost. PXL is releasing very soon a new line of skins called Sophia and it`s having a small pre-release in two tones (Sunkissed and Olive ) for this event.

In rl I am addicted to UGG, so you can imagine how I was when I saw this lovely ones from Intrepid and will be available at "Arround the world". By the way I had to edit a little between ankles because this gorgeous jeans from Meli Imako are capri and the cuffs was slightly showing trough Ugg`s. Oh and if you didn`t notice this jeans are mesh, I love The fact that they are ripped on the knee.

I do not know very much about art, I still draw like a 7 year old child, but I do apreciate and Lilly Juno has told me a few things about her last release "Starry Night". This set was made in honour of Van Gough, most  people  think he went crazy cause he  cut his ear off but back in 1500s - 1600s they didn't know much about  things like ear infections and ringing in the ear. In that time he was in the hospital he painted some of  his best work, 52 paintings before he died in that year, also he painted "Starry Night" one of his most famous piece.


PXL Sophia - Sunkissed ( Cherry Lips ) - Smokey Eyes > Arround the world !
Izzie`s Deep Dark Eyes - Brown
Esk-imo Hair Yuna - Brown
ColdLogic Shirt Farell - Latte
Meli Imako Low Rise Skinny Jeans
Intrepid Aussie Ugg - Tan > Arround the world !
Les Petits Details Geena Bag - Black
Izzie`s  Claw Nails - Dark Red
Meli Imako Elastic Mesh Wristband - Blue
!Bang Strenght Poses > Arround the world !

House & Furniture

What Next Snow Summit Cabin
Prism Starry Night Set ( couch, chair, coffee table, rug, lamp, plant )
Prime Mamani Coffee ( from Mamani Set ) > Arround the world ! 

November 13, 2012

Wonderful World !

Hey !! This are my first edited pics in photoshop and I hope you like them, but keep this in mind I have never worked before in PS. I will try to improve myself and learn more about this awesome program wich I don`t know why I haven`t had the courage to try it before. Yes I know, it`s hard but after you understand it becomes really easy and fun to work with.

Going further, today I am wearing my favorite blouse from Izzie`s wich I have worn in several photos, the reason why I like it so much is because it`s tucked and works so great with skirts and of course I love the texture. 

Luse it`s a new store available only on marketplace, I must say it`s a great start from this designer because I just love this Lola skirt.


Izzie`s Fuyu - Sunkissed ( Eyeshadow PinkBlue, Eyeliner, Lipstick Pink, Freckles )
Elikatira Abbey - Brown
Izzie`s Bow Tie Blouse - Beige
Luse Lola Skirt - Rose Smoke
JD Deviant Shoes - Salmon ( Group Gift )
Luse Olympia Leather Clutch - Black
Izzie`s  Metal Stripe Nails

Purple Poses Mesh Stair & Poses

November 12, 2012

Together For Sway !

Hello darlings! I bring some sad news, I will show you exactly what I have been told, I have faith that this charity will bring hope to one of our dearest creator from our comunity.

"You may or may not have heard that Sway Dench has been confronted with some medical news. Thankfully, she will have surgery in 6 - 8 weeks, but afterwards she will not be able to create/work in SL for nearly 6 months.

SL is her only source of income, and in order to help keep a roof over her head and food in her stomach, dozens of SLers have banded together to help.

Together for Sway was created by Valena Vacano, and will be graciously hosted by Isla Gealach. It will span from December 15th -31st and will be 100% charity, absolutely no profit.

Stores that are already involved include fri.day, Cracked Mirror, MudHoney, floorplan, Starstruck, !bang, DIGS, and Bounce This! Poses. A list of full participants can be found on the blog."

Together For Sway

November 7, 2012

Happy Rezzday to me !!

Hey my darlings today it`s my rezzday and I didn`t knew till I recived a cake from secondlife.com, I was so surprised. I have made 2 years in sl and tho I am little comparing with others I am proud of what I achieved with my blog. Cosmopolitan may not be the best for others but for me it`s a great blog and I am proud of my evolution.

Yesterday Elysium was so kind to make me a profile photo and even if I already thank her on flickr and inworld I still think I haven`t thank her enough so : Thank you Ely :) . I am proud to have a new profile photo that I love it so much. Maybe I am rambling a lot but I am very nervous, I feel it`s like my rl birthday well soon to be that one too, that means in 21 november :D

Thank you to all my readers and followers for sticking with me even when I don`t post because of lack of my inspiration or rl busy, thank you to all the creators that are sponsoring me, each one of you are so talented and I am proud to be your "model" :) , and thank you to all my fellow bloggers for being so nice and suportive.

I wish everyone to have a beautiful day !

Made by Elysium Hynes 

Izzie`s Skin "Fuyu" - Sunkissed
Ibanez Eyes "Horizon" - Tropics
Elikatira Hair "Abbey" - Brown
Izzie`s Bow Tie Blouse - Beige
Wetcat Pose "Adle"

November 6, 2012

Pink !!

Hey Hey !! I saw a few bloggers posting about this interesting sim called Cica and I ran over to take a few pics. Indeed it`s a special and cute sim and enjoyed beeing there, I could stay all day and explore or just stare at this wonderful and creative place.

I will be short with this post  ... funny thing lately I feel so inspired on pics ... but not in words ! Oh well, I have a strange mind. Have a good day !!


Essences Skin "Cynthia"     gatcha 150 L$/play
Izzie`s Deep Dark Mesh Eyes - Blue
Lamb Hair "Pearl" - Blur Ombre
Monso My Baseball Jacket - Pink   new!!
Yulicie Fresh Summer Dress
Monso My Fabric Oxford
Monso My Bunny Band - White     old gift
Izzie`s Heart Necklace @Perfect Wardrobe !
Izzie`s Classic Nails

November 5, 2012

Sweetie Pie !!

Hello sweeties ! As my cute mood striked me I put together a pretty outfit with some free gifts and of course some new stuff. I created this look arround a sweet sweater from Dolle and the new group gift from C`est la vie, apple beret and freckles for cheeks.

If you subscribe at Hoorenbeek you can get this awesome boots as gift, but you have to wait at least 2 weeks to get them. It worth it to wait that long because they are so well done and easy to wear. Oh and by the way I always wear My Uglydorothy skins when I feel cute and pretty.

I wish you all cuties a nice Monday !!

My Uglydorothy Skin "Twiggy"
Izzie`s Dark Mesh Eyes - Brown
C`est la vie Cheek Freckles    group gift !!
Monso Hair "Yoon" - Brown
Dolle Sweater Dress - Flower   new!!
Izzie`s Sheer Tights/Basic Colors - Dark Cream 
Hoorenbeek Lucille Boots   som gift !!
Mr Poet Wide Scarf    free !!
C`est la vie Apple Beret    group gift !!
Izzie`s Classic Nails/Fall Winter Edition    new !!

November 3, 2012

Lady Me !!

Good afternoon !! The first thing you have to notice is that I wear black hair, I usually wear blonde, brown or red, the reason is that black hair makes me think it`s making me look more older or harshes my face and it`s not really defining me.

But this hair Mochi from Yulicie is so cute with a bow that changes colors, another thing I wear very rare is short hair, but again this is a sweet and playful one. ColdLogic has recently released a new line of coats just perfect for autumn, my favorite one is Atwell on cream.

Have a wonderful Saturday !

Essences Skin "Cynthia"     gatcha 150 L$/play
PXL Face Freckles - light   new!!
Censored Lipstick "Mila"
Izzie`s Teeth Set - Nr 8
Yulicie Mochi - Black    new!!
ColdLogic Coat "Atwell" - Cream   new!!
Maitreya Mesh Leggings - Lipstick
Les Petits Details Garbo Clutch Monochrome - Gold
MG Earings - Lealao Baltic Amber Stones    group gift !! Check past notices
Bamboo Tuxedo Nails

Purple Poses

November 1, 2012

Boo Hoo Hoo .. Happy Halloween !!

Hey or maybe I should say BOO !! In my country people has begun to embrace Halloween as our own hollyday, but of course in a very specific way: clubs are organising partys were everyone comes with a costume and I must say, last year on Halloween was the first time when I went to a club and the bodyguard didn`t want to let me in because the club was so full. Well I had to put my charm in action and after 30 seconds he practically pushed me in :)), a girl has to know how to wave her lashes and what to say if she wants to win in all seamblances of life.

Ok we are done with rl, it`s time to talk about sl, yesterday Berry asked on plurk if anyone wants to do a post for Halloween with her and Dani and of course I had to offer myself volunteer. The first thing I remember is Berry bragging about her new laptop with such great graphic cards, oh god I envie her hehe.

After we started to take a few pics she said she hears some strange noises and I put all my sounds on max but I didn`t hear anything. Berry asked me "Did you hear that?" ... "No"  .... Oooook that was a little scary. This awesome seance from LostAngel is just perfect for Halloween ( did I said to many times Halloween?! )
me and Dani kept touching the walls and the table so in my pics the table has multiple layers.

I forgot to ask Berry and Dani what are wearing ( Ops, my bad ! ) but you can check their posts, well actually I think only Berry made it so check here.

Glam Affair Halloween Skin    group gift!! 30 L$ fee to join  ( find it in past notices )
Izzie`s Natural Mesh Eyes - Soft Green
Magika Hair "Faint" - Blood    som gift!!
Jack Spoon Dress "Stephanie" - Blue
Faded Ink Ballerina Shoes    old gift!!
WTG Ribbon Classic - Tiara

LostAngel The Sceance Room   new!!