May 31, 2012

Labels of Love !!

                                            Listen to: Fergie - Labels of Love !!

Izzie`s @ Skin Addiction Showcase: Delusional Skin - Pale lb cl ( NEW )
[Umeboshi] @ Svap: Coro Eyes - Charcoal SVAP
[Burley]: Zia II - Light Blondes ( NEW )
KIM: Tatti Lace - Cream ( top from dress )
Toki-Doki: Naoko Jacket - Feathers ( NEW )
Chandelle: Pants Jelo - Blue
Mstyle: Alah Wedges - Nude Suede
tram.: Chain Headband - Green ( Hunt in-store, need to join the group, FREE )
Izzie`s: Owl necklace (mesh)
Izzie`s: Classic Nails
Finesmith: Seing Colors Ring - Green ( Hunt in-store for VIP Members )

Purple Poses

May 22, 2012

Broken Angel !!

                                      Listen to: Arash & Helena - Broken Angel

Mother Goose: Michi III ( Lucky Board )
Pink Acid: Black Swan Lace - White Edition ( Recent Release )
Lamb!: Blush (mesh) - Washed Out
Apple May Design: Day Time Maxi - Charcoal ( NEW )
Finesmith: Evil Nails ( Old Gift )

Purple Poses

Summer hunt at Finesmith and other goodies from Coldlogic !!

      Heya !! So there is a hunt going on at Finesmith for members of the group, if you are not in it yet you have to know that is a fee to join it but belive me it does worth it because every month you will recive gorgeous gifts and also in this hunt are so many jewelery that are exclusive items. 
      Today I descovered that Urban has some gorgeous shoes only at 10 L$, and I am so surprised what a good quality product is and also so cheap, you should check out other products that are at the same price and same quality as what I am wearing in this post.
      ColdLogic has released some pants ant tops in they own characteristic classy style that creats a great shape  and makes your body look feminine with curves that define your waist. Happy Shopping :)

Hush @ Skin Addiction Showcase: Daisy Blue - Vanilla mb ( NEW ) Available from 25 May 
Izzie`s: Dark Mesh Eyes - Black
Lamb!: Pearl (mesh) - Blur Ombre ( NEW )
ColdLogic: Top Peregrine - Mango ( NEW )
ColdLogic: Capri Dee - Navy ( NEW )
Urban Girl: Isadora Pumps - Black ( 10 L$ )
Finesmith: Let it drop Necklace ( Hunt Gift in-store )
Finesmith: Travel Bag - Tan/Mint ( Hunt Gift in-store )
Finesmith: Seeing Colors - Ring Pastel ( Hunt Gift in-store )

Purple Poses

May 18, 2012

Starships were meant to fly !!

Hey Hey !! I found out about a sale at Priss and I bought a few myself, in this post I wear only shoes and bag each costs 50 L$,but there is also dresses and a blouse at 30 L$ only. At Lamb! you can find new hair styles , in this post I wear Pearl ( mesh ); so maybe I am late but 2 days ago I went to grab the newest skin gift from Jesylilo and I like it very much. I wish you all a fabulous weekend !! I wil sure have one because I`m going at a batchelor party YAY :D

Listen to: Nicky Minaj - Starships

JeSyLilo: May`s Group Gift
Izzie`s: Teeth - 04
Lamb!: Pearl (mesh) - Blur Root ( NEW )
Toki-Doki: Tied Knot Shirt - Rose ( NEW )
Izzie`s: Ripped Denim Shorts - Blue Cyan
Priss: Bow-Side Pumps - Choco ( 50 L$ )
Priss: Reid Cross Body & Hand Bag - Brown ( 50 L$ )
Berries Inc. : Socks - White ( Old Zombie Hunt )
Berries Inc.: Silly Goggles ( Old Gift )
ASO!: HairElasticDot on Hand - Strawberrie ( NEW )
Izzie`s: Classic Nails

Purple Poses

May 16, 2012

The Pay It Forward Project !!

Hello :) .... So as I told you in the past post today I will do Harlow Heslop`s Pay It Forward Project and I want to say a few words about Maya Levane`s shop Toki-Doki. A week ago she gave me this sweet dress that I simply adore it, I don`t know the reason why she gave it to me, she just did it. Maybe it is because recently I bought something or I don`t know :D ..... This dress has a great texture and it is very well done, and also reminds me how simplicity can be so beautifull like a warm spring with blooming trees and flowers; it gives me a feeling and I think it is called innocence. 

I wish you all have a great day !! 

Curio: Petal (light) Angel Skin ( Old Group Gift )
Elikatira: Quirky - Blonde
Toki-Doki: Tea Party Dress ( Thank You Maya )
Shiny Things: Zimmy Flats - Faded Denim ( Group Gift )
Toki-Doki: Bunny Bag ( Old Hunt )
Izzie`s: Classic Nails

Poses: (marukin)Y&R ( 1 L$ ), Purple Poses

May 15, 2012

Smile , tomorow will be better !!

Hello my dear readers, you might notice that this days I made almoast everyday a new post, well one reason is to catch up the time I was gone and probably this period I will work a lot on my blog because this is the way I run away from some things and its the best way to forget ...  

So I read something on Gogo`s blog about "The Pay It Forward Project" and it is a great ideea that made me think a lot so I want to find for my next post someone who deserve. 

Izzie`s @ Perfect Wardrobe: Cassandra Pin Up Skin ( NEW )
BDE !: Roxi Shape ( 5 L$ )
Izzie`s: Natural Mesh Eyes - Blue Diamond
LOGO: Julianne Mesh Hair - Auburn 
Cheeky: Red Dotted Tube Dress 
Mstyle: Rivea Pumps - Red
WTG: Necklace & Earings - Corsage-wg Set ( Old Group Gift )
Finesmith: Bracelet & Ring - Aesthetic Value - Wooden
Izzie`s: Classic Nails

Purple Poses

May 14, 2012

Trying some new stuff !!

                                            Listen to: Smiley - Dead man walking

[Hush]: Grace Skin - SmokeyPink - Cream mb nc ( NEW )
BDE !: Roxi Shape ( 5 L$ )
Exile: Groove Theory - Light Blondes (New @ Culture Shock )
*Fishy Strawberry*: Impromptu Cardigan Wine - Black Belt ( TDR )
MaitreyaZipper Skinny Jeans - Dirty 
Mstyle: Goshi Pumps - Cerise
(Milk Motion)My little leather bag ( TDR Blue )
[glow]: Necklace & Earings Hoop Slice - Silver ( TDR Blue )
Izzie`s : Classic Nails 

Purple Poses: Pin Up  ( NEW @ Perfect Wardrobe )

May 13, 2012

Hey there !!

 Hello everyone I have some news , while I was gone on a trip some nice stuff were released. So I haven`t told you but I was on a road trip in my country, I saw a few citys that I`ve fallen in love with them. First was Sibiu, it is a european capital of culture but above that i saw some streets that made me belive like I was in Venice but without water :D .... in Craiova, another city I adore old buildings and arhitecture but the one that made me fall in love was Bucharest, Romania`s capital. This city is always full of life, everybody is in a rush that makes you dizzy and lots of nice places to visit, as I am living in a smaller city I felt like I am moving in slow motion in comparations to rest of the world that surrounded me. My trip was too short but I will remain with beautifull memories, I just can`t wait to pass 2 weeks because I will go again and I want to visit a special place for me. It is special because I made an obssesion for 4 years already and also will remeber me something beautifull.

So enough about my trip, I hope you like my pics and bellow you will find like always credits from my outfit.

[Hush]: Grace Skin - SmokeyFire - Cream mb nc ( NEW )
BDE !: Roxi Shape ( 5 L$ )
Exile: Groove Theory - Light Blondes ( New @ Culture Shock )
KIM: Summer Top ( New @ Culture Shock )
Piccara @ BDE !: High Waist Jeans - Blue ( NEW )
PICHI: Ava Wedge - Blue
(Milk Motion) @ TDR Blue !: My little leather bag  ( NEW )
WTG: Dignity Jewelry ( Recent Release )
Scrub: Denim Nails ( NEW )

Purple Poses

May 4, 2012

Rule no. 1 of a lady: Stay Classy !!

Hello Cosmogirls :) ..... So as you probably already know Culture Shock starts on 5th May and I wish to show you a preview from Izzie`s , it`s a beautifull top in 3 colours, but you can find it also in different combinations. I am in love with turquoise and coral and I`ve made an obssesion for this two colours since last summer; I saw that in real life a lots of stores has made collections with clothes,shoes and accesories in those tones :D.

Jane has released recently some gorgeous mesh shorts that are easy to wear and you can combine them with almost anything, and of course as I like to make my outfits by putting together something new, something old and of course a freebie or a gift I advice you girls to take a look at WTG because you can find some Mini Mania Boards with awesome jewelry but in this post I am wearing May`s Group Gift so you might want to stay in this group because every month you can receive a great set of jewelry.

Hush: Lily Skin - Seduce - Cream (lb nc) ( NEW )
Izzie`s: Dark Vibrant Lipstick - Cherry ( NEW )
BDE !: Shape *Roxi* - Made by me :) ( 5 L$ )
[Shag]: Goodbye - Bombshell ( Euphoria Spring Sale - past event )
Izzie`s @ Culture Shock: Tri Color Top - Teal ( NEW )
Jane: Every Day Shorts - Eggshell ( Recent Release )
Mstyle: Rivea Pumps - Rosso
Gok @ Culture Shock: Aztec Retro Clutch ( NEW )
WTG: Earings & Necklace - Honey ( GROUP GIFT )
Izzie`s: Classic Nails - Spring/Summer Edition ( NEW ) 
Finesmith: Kirin`s Poem Tan - Ahsraya Charity ( NEW )  

Purple Poses: Lara ( NEW )