October 25, 2012

Grave`s puppeteer !!

Good afternoon !! I have some great news, as Halloween is knocking at our doors this super awesome events,The Costum Ball that started yesterday and Cinema that started last week, may save your ass if you haven`t bought yet your outfit for the best hollyday of the year.

And by the way if you didn`t knew Redmint is having a -50 % cut price sale for all hairs till the end of october.

Before I forget I wanted to mention that this are raw photos, there is no alteration or editing and I am so so proud of how good looking pics I made. :)

Have wonderful thursday !!

Pink Fuel Skin "Alyx" - Siren Peach  @The Costum Ball !
Izzie`s Natural Mesh Eyes - Soft Green
Redmint Hair nr 19 - Ruby Red  Sale -50 % cut price
Pididdle Undead Perfection Bodysuit & Nails & PlasticSurg Marks  @Cinema !
Vita`s Budoir Pony Girl Boots   old group gift
Scrub Webcollar    new!!

Evolve The Puppeteer - Pose Prop @The Costum Ball !

October 23, 2012

Oh my ..

Hello darlings !! I am seriously thinking on moving my blog to wordpress because I have some issues with blogger, but I am very doubtful and I am a little scared that all I acomplished here I will loose it.  Oh well .. this is my first post on The Ego Co. blog and is taking me a while to finish it as I am not familiar at all with wordpress.

I just hope I am not going to do "Oh what this button do?" action again, cause last night cost my previous layout so here I am with a background that I am not that happy with, but the next few days will be crucial in my choices... Well will see what future brings me :)

Have a fab day !!

My Uglydorothy Special Skin   1 L$
Izzie`s Natural Mesh Eyes - Soft Green
Exile Violetta - Stefani   Subscriber Gift 
Evolve Prarie Dress - Rose
Izzie`s Sheer Tights - Lavender    new!!
G Field Bow Strap Shoes "Kate" - Plum
Pididdle Ceramic Flower Headpiece - Hibiscus @My Attic !    new!!
Izzie`s Gradient Nails

Purple Poses

Prism Furniture Flanagan decorations and furniture - green chair / stool / cream chair / fireplace / books / radio / table lamp / coffee table / clock / lamp / candles / vase / 

October 18, 2012

Rain can`t stop me !!

Hello :) ! Well again some oldies and new items for my "Raid your Closet" challenge, and you can blame it only on my busy rl. Despite that I have some really good news, Magika has put a gift for Halloween, but remember you have to be on subscriber mailling list and you have to touch the vendor, not buy it.

A new line of gorgeous jeans with some cute patterns was released this days by Evolve, the thing I like most about this jeans is that sexy ass. Dadabeiz has some recent releases on peep-toes and bags with some great looking details such as floral pattern on shoes and some cute, interesting cowish textures on bags with hanging sunglasses and scarf.

Aaaaand my oldies but goodies are some releases in this summer from Toki Doki, all season shirt and naoko jackets, they are still layer and prim clothing, sometimes I freack out that I don`t have anymore those. I do love mesh but sometimes I feel I want to go old school.

Essences Skin "Cynthia"    Gatcha - 150 L$/play
Censored Lipstick "Mila" 8
Izzie`s Natural Mesh Eyes - Soft Green
Magika Hair "Blood Faint"   free!!
Toki-Doki Naoko Jacket - Pois
Toki-Doki All Season Shirt - Leo Heart
Evolve Chevron Jeans - Grey   new!!
Dadabeiz Floral Peep - Toes - Blue   new!!
Dadabeiz Delic Bag - Leo   new!!
WTG Autumn Moon Bangles   September Group Gift!!
Izzie`s Cracked Nails

Purple Poses Silena @Cinema !   new!!

October 14, 2012

Raid your closet ! Look 2 ! And Cinema !

Today I tought I had lost my inspiration for good, almost all sunday I tried a trilion outfits, and trying to put something together, nothing seemed to work or satisifies me. Afterall I finally got something that not only satisifies me but I also love very much what came up with some oldies but goodies and a few new items.

Sometimes I just forget I have thousands of clothing in my inventory and I don`t raid my closet as I should do, and after I am freaking out that I don`t have anything to wear I start unpacking boxes that maybe are even a few months old, just sitting there and waiting for me to unwrap them.

So I know, I didn`t make my challenge "Raid your closet" this week but I have a really good reason, I was so busy in rl that I absolutly couldn`t do it and because I don`t want to fail I am going to cheat just a little with some new shoes and a new skin, but the rest of my outfit it`s before 30 september, I swear !! Oh and bag and poses are new :S but that`s it !!

And before I forget a super awesome and so waited event has begun today: Ladies and gentlemens I invite you to Cinema !

Izzie`s Skin "Fuyu" - Pale   new!!
Izzie`s Black Eyeliner & Peach Lipstick from "Fuyu" line   new!!
Izzie`s Dark Mesh Eyes - Brown
Handmade Hair "Casual" - Scarlet
Jane Drifter Halter - Champagne
Jack Spoon Bernie Lace Collar - White
Erratic Zoey Leather Pants - Blue
Dadabeiz Gothic Pumps - Beige Heels   new!!
Ricielli Mesh Yuse Bag - Etnic     Halloween Hunt, 15 L$ 
Osakki  Hamur Mettal Cuff & Ring - Copper    ( old group gift )
Izzie`s Classic Nails

Ilaya Fashion Walk  ( with poses, though I didn`t use them )
Purple Poses Long Cigarette @Cinema ! Pictures 1 & 2
Purple Poses Silena @Cinema ! Picture 3

October 4, 2012

With Izzie Bizzie !!

While this morning I wasn`t feeling so good my day got better when I began to prepare a new blogpost. I went at Izzie`s sim to take a few photos and when I asked her if she doesn`t mind to take a few photos with her she instantlly accepted.

It was a really great experience and a lovely time spent with Izzie and I simply adored her simple but way too cute and sweet look. She made me a style card so after you watch this photos scroll down the page to see what she is wearing.

                                                          She is the star of this blogpost !!

Izzie Button is wearing:

Izzie`s Skin "Faith" - Sunkissed
Burley Hair "Vanessa" - Black
erratic Oversized sweater @Collabor88 !
Maitreya Zipper Skinny Jeans
[JP]: dsg. Sneaker Supreme

Roxi Bluewood is wearing:

My Uglydorothy Skin "Yoon" - Salmon   new!!
The Sugar Garden Cheek Blush - Light Orange
Izzie`s Eyeshadow 2 - Smokey (from Faith Skin )
Izzie`s Dark Mesh Eyes - Brown
Monso My Hair "Minu" - Brown @Fameshed ! 
ColdLogic Shirt "Miller" - Sand
Evolve Skirt "Fade" - Brown
ASO Alphabet Bracelet - Love @The Arcade ! 
Izzie`s Classic Nails

Izzie`s Poses - Sister at Heart & My Soulmate
Label Motion 2Girls2Friends

Prism  Harvest Moon Gazebo with chair, pumpkin table, lamp, butter chum.    new!!

This are just perfect for Halloween and of course for fall !!

October 3, 2012

Raid your closet !! Look 1 !!

Hey Hey !! A good thing about bloggers is that words are spread so quick, especially awesome challenges that makes me want to participate. Last year Lucie Bluebird came up with a challenge Raid your Closet and now she has challenged us again,the goal is to make posts with items we got before this month begun.

So my first tought was that I have so many clothes that I never got the chance to show it from so many reasons like lack of time, busy rl, etc. I knew exactly what I want to show now: first it`s a dress from Priss that I got it on a spring sale with only 30 L$ and second is a hair from Exile that I just don`t know why I haven`t put together with an outfit and just post it. Everything I wear it`s at least one month old or more.

I am going to shake my inventory of dust and bring up some lovely items that were got lost, and also I will try not to be late with my post cause this one was supposed to be published yesterday but I got busy in rl.

And since I didn`t get my fall mood yet because of the warm days I tought maybe a nice decor will help me a little so I went at Izzie`s as she always changes her sim on every season, I don`t know if it`s just me or she makes it everytime more beautiful.

Izzie`s Skin "Faith" - Pale
Izzie`s Lipstick Peach & Eyeshadow Brown
The Sugar Garden Eyes "Spilled Milk" - Deep Blue
Cosmopolitan Nude Shape "Alexa"
Exile Hair "Take it off" - Beach
Priss Dress "Cotton Slouche" - Red
Slave Beads Sandals - Beige
WTG Necklace "Honey"
Izzie`s Classic Nails

Label Motion NYG Poses   Free

October 1, 2012

Swag Fest !!

I remember that until 6 months ago I was conscientiously keeping a very cleaned inventory and also quite small, arround 12 000 max, but now it seems like it exploded a bomb and I don`t know how much it will take me to unbox and sort all that stuff. From time to time I discover items that I didn`t have a clue I had them, so I found one box with a name that my first tought is to delete it without seeing what is it however I changed my mind and I saw some really good mesh shoes. The name of that store is Slave and altough I try hard to get ride of my judgemental attitude sometimes I have to get a kick in the ass to see that appeareance isn`t every thing, you have to unwrap to find if it`s a good or bad thing.
Going on further Morphine is showing us that she won`t stop on designing clothes and shoes, she created two hair styles that are very cute for a first time, I personally love Yoon that is available at  Fameshed.
Oh at last Swag Fest it`s opened for everyone and there are lots of stores you might want to check.

Jesylilo Gabriela Skin @Swag Fest    new!!
The Sugar Garden Spilled Milk Eyes - Deep Blue
Cosmopolitan Nude Alexa Shape
Monso Yoon Hair - Brown @Fameshed   new!!
Yulicie Dior Off Shoulder - Clown @Swag Fest   new!!
Yulicie Denim Shorts - Blue @Swag Fest   new!!
Slave Samantha Boots - Taupe
Me Jewelery Rings & Bracelets - Bronze   new!!
Me Jewelery Necklace & Earings - Bronze @Perfect Wardrobe   new!!
Izzie`s Classic Nails

Wetcat Adle & Emanuel Runway Sets