July 26, 2011

My playful side!!

Hey we all have a playful side!! I remember when I was a little girl I loved to play with all sorts of toys including cars, because I was a little tomboy who never step away from raugh games. I enjoyed to climb in trees and I could stay there like forever. Many times in sl when I really don`t know what to wear I am rising my inventory and I put on me whatever I feel, and after I realise that I created a playful outfit without actually wanting this. I think my inner kid is revealing in this way. This reminded me that my mom was dressing me like a clown, but that wasn`t disturbing me because all I was thinking about was games and go outdoor with my friends. I hope I will never loose my inside child, unfortunatelly as we grow up our responsabilities and duties grow too, and we barelly find time to do something fun and to live in the present.

Skin: Natural Beauty- Malinka 2 medium (old hunt)
Hair: LeLutka- Knotted
Plugs: Nox.- old gift
Bag: Deco (old hunt)
Shirt & Ribbon: Hiyori (old gift)
Pants: M*G*S- High waist baloon (LB)
Shoes: Elikatira- Flair Flats-Watermelon (SoM gift)
Socks: Poupee Hunt Blog #2

July 25, 2011

Summer is cheap!!

Every time I make a new outfit I start from one item that i like the most.

Today I tried a skin from Belleza so I knew that is my starting point. Reminded me when i saw two Asian girls when i was shopping at H&M (RL) and they had such a great and original style that i couldn't stop staring!!! Yes I know .. it is not nice to do that but after all I really admire girls that have they own style.

 I want to show an outfit that i imaginated as a chic Asian girl but with my touch of style (that is blond hair hehe... just joking).

Skin: Belleza- Aiko (group gift, 250 L$ fee to join)
Hair: fri.day- Quinn
Headpiece: Clawtooth- Fancy Pants Hair Flower (The Seasons Hunt)
Necklace & Earings: [PM] Pixel Mode (group gift july)
Bracelet: [Acide!]- Enlace moi (old hunt)
Nails: CaNDy Nail- Resort Cocktail (group gift, free to join)
Bag: Ibizzare- Free Summer Straw Set (I think it is still on the mainstore)
Top: Emery- Cropped Top Waris [Lavender] (past TDR)
Skirt: +mocha+- Under The Blue Sky [Mint] (The Seasons Hunt)
Shoes: Truth District- [Gos] Espadrilles in Peach- gift (I don`t know if it`s still there)

July 20, 2011

Back in time!!

In the last 2 posts i used the same pumps from Mstyle, and you may think "This girl doesn`t have other shoes??" Well... I have but I fall in love with them and I just can`t take them off, if I had them in rl maybe I would be capable to sleep with them :)). Anyway I tought to take some pictures in an old rubish town just to emphasize this new outfit and it seems like i traveled back in time. This shooting was full of adventures and all thanks to this beautifull sim that i descovered so I will put a landmark so you can visit it. I just love old comercial banners and old police cars,  actually all what is old, and what surprised me is that i felt in the piping and i didn`t saw because there was fog to cover it. Very nice for an old, abandoned town.
Have a nice day back in time!!

Skin: -Glam Affair- Nina skin & lipstick
Hair: Magika Luna
Dress: Old Greedy Hunt gift
Shoes: Mstyle Rivea Pumps Rosso
Nails: Old Season Hunt gift
Earings: [glow] studio Colours of Zebra (old TDR)
Place: Innsmouth

July 18, 2011

Artists in second life!!

What is art? Well my opinion about it is that not anyone can create it, you have to be born with a great artistic sense. I do not know many things about this area but i can recognize a good piece of art!! I know that in second life a lots of good artists express themselfs by creating clothes,shoes,furniture,artistic objects etc. and they put a lot of passion and hardworking till everything is perfect!
For now i want to show you a beautifull dress created by Chrystal Galicia!! Great work and keep it like that because you are a talented artist!!
P.S: She was inspired by prims and let me tell you thats a little bit weird but in the same time makes me belive that she really has a native talent!!

Skin: -Glam Affair- Nina
Hair: LeLutka- Knotted
Dress: Lamp Dress by Chrystal Galicia
Shoes: Mstyle- Rivea Pumps Rosso
Nails: Mstyle- Donuts (old hunt)

July 14, 2011


An attitude is a hypothetical construct that represents an individual's degree of like or dislike for something , well this is a short definition but you girls all u need to be beautiful its ATTITUDE!!

  And this is how i see it:

   I went for walk with one of my best friends. And because it was almost night, and lazy, i just grabbed what ever came in hand and that was: my sweat pants, a pink t`shirt and my blue converse. So you can imagine that it wasn't quite a fashionable outfit, but i actually didn't care like the guys we passed by :)) There were some guys that wanted to hook us up :)). I don't want to brag about that  but it is very curious what a bad outfit, with a strong attitude can do . .

      So girls don't be afraid to wear what you like. Remember attitude it`s a decision and changes everything!!

Till next time, Roxi !!

Skin: -Glam Affair- Nina skin&lipstick
Outfit: Peqe- Body_Medusa
Hair: LeLutka- Knotted (from Hair Fair)
Shoes: Mstyle - Rivea Pumps- Rosso

July 11, 2011

From head to toe!

Today i want to present you a special Anniversary Hunt at Purple Moon that includes a whole look. I am impressed by the gifts because are great quality and when i got dressed i felt like a fairy.  I hope you all  are enjoying this hunt "From head to toe" like i did !! Have a nice day :)

Skin :-Glam Affair- Nina skin & lipstick tattoo (past TDR)
Dress, Shoes, Hair, Necklace&Earings, Nails: Purple Moon Anniversary Hunt (You must wear the VIP TAG, 50 L$ fee to join group)
Lashes: {Meghindo`s}-Andreea

July 7, 2011

Vita`s Boudoir

I love Vita`s Boudoir creations because are so elegant and out of normal, i think represents a cosmo women
at a fancy party. When i went first time in the store and saw this dress it was like love at first sight!! I knew i have to buy it because its unique and has such great details mixed that seems weird but totally impressive, i like this abstract concept with feather,roses,birds and human skulls and brains.

Anyways clothes are not all because a women has to take care of her skin and what other way then by preparing a healthy mask for face AND its all natural :). Yes i wanna go further to real life and revealing you every time a beauty trick that i will collect them from Cosmopolitan magazine!
Here are the steps for preparing it:
-1 scraped apple
-1 scraped carrot
-4-5 spoons of honey
Mix it, put it on youre face and keep it 10 minutes, I already tried it and has great benefits for our skin girls!!
 Go Frutti Beauty!!!

Skin: Belleza Elle- group gift (250 L$ fee to join)  Belleza
Outfit: Vita`s Boudoir "Fashion Revealed"- not free Vita`s Boudoir
Shoes: N-core XtremeHeels-old group gift N-core
Hair: [Raspberry]-gift from  Hair Fair
Eyes & Lashes: {Meghindo`s}Pam Black Eyes & Andreea Lashes- old gift  Meghindo
Jewelry: Treasure- Lazuri Nefertiti- old gift from Accesory fair
Nails: Finesmith- old subscribe gift  Finesmith

July 6, 2011

First time!!

What` s the new trend?? Maybe a new style?? Hello everyone I`m glad to say that I finally started my blog and I wanna give you  the answear for those questions: However u wanna dress that’s the new trend. Everyone has there own style and it should be unique because all girls have different tastes and of course different  manner to think. I am my critic and for sure you should be youre own !!! I hope all of you will enjoy this travel in the world of Lord Internet among me!!


Inspired by Rihanna!!

Skin: Belleza Elle-group gift (250 L$ fee to join)  Belleza
Outfit: Diram Sophie green-not free Diram
Hair: Kletva Elli for men-group gift Kletva
Hairbase: MaDesigns Hair Fair gift Hair Fair
Shoes: Koko-group gift Koko