January 30, 2013

Sound !

Good news or bad news ? I will start with good news :D ... Elikatira is having a SALE AGAIN !! All hairs are 70 % off ! Oh and I don`t have bad news.
As I learn more about photoshop I get more excited to try new things and I played a little more then usual with this program.

Also I kind of used a little thing named Vividtone ( is a new technique made to enhance the skin tone without the loss of detail. As we all know, many skin builders do not allow their skins to be modified. Skins that are modifiable, however, lose definition as the color changes. Vividtone is a new way to work with (modify) 3D skins while keeping the importance of the details that make every skin unique.VIVIDTONE is worn as a tattoo layer ).

Essences Wedsnesday - Light Skintone at The Dressing Room Fusion
Evian Petra Vividtone 
Fake Cateye & Avon Makeup 
Fake Realistic Eyes - Blue Beach
Elikatira Sound - Bright Blondes ( 70 L$ // Sale )
Kim Top part of Summer Dress - Sand
Mimi Noire Wrap Sweater - Honey
Meli Imako Ruffle Mini Skirt
Ju Charlie Boots - Pastel Peche
Izzie`s Long Flower Necklace - Cyan
Slink Mesh Hands - Casual

Izzie`s Silicone Model Poses

January 24, 2013

Reading day ..

Hey sweets ! Oh men I am in full session of exams at university ( that explains why I worked on this photos for 5 days ) . Please bare with me this month cause it will be a little wild and also slow.

So this being said, I have news from Trompe Loeil and Cold Winter Nights Hunt ( check credits ). And I descovered a new store in sl and I bought a pair of wedges so gorgeous, I must say that I have a pair like that in rl and I love them. The store is called Mutresse and I bet it will become one of the favorites in sl cause they really have good quality and original mesh.

Oh and finally I went to Collabor88 and I bought this sweet sweater from u.f.o and a beret from LaGyo.

What I wear

Fake Lona Skin - Milky - Aubergine Opaque Gloss
Fake Realistic Eyes - Blue Sky
Fake Cateye Makeup
Lamb Black Magic - Refreshed Blondes - Dust
u.f.o Malkang Angora Knit - Mint at Collabor88
Maitreya Zipper Skinny Jeans - Dirty
Jane Lil Piggies Fuzzy Tights - Champagne
Mutresse Luba Wedges - Brown
LaGyo Starla Beret - Brown/Gold at Collabor88
Slink Mesh Hands - Casual

Home & Decor

Trompe Loeil Frostbite Cottage - Rose
Trompe Loeil Canopy Bed - PG Poplar Morning Light Fabrics
Cobblestone January ( Desk, Lamp, Tulips, Love Blocks, Mirror (Blueberry) ) 1 L$
Little House of Curious Vintage ( Wood Side Chair, Books,  Jug of Gypsophila Cuttings,  Star Wall Hanging, Cup of Coffee,  Faded Persian Rug ) Cold Winter Night Hunt

January 17, 2013

Life is beautiful ..

Hai !! This outfit I wanted for quite a long time to show you and finally I can. By the way, 2 days ago a new hunt began and there are a lot of furniture available ( happy me :D ). Each item is 10 L$ , of course you will find also clothes, skins, poses, but lately I am a big fan of furniture and I am learning to put everything together.

Today I didn`t used poses, I left my avatar with ao on and tooked some photos because I want to talk about the newest ao from Vista Animations. I remember when I was a noob I found about this store even before I found out stores with nice clothes, it was before fashion. And I wanted so bad that Chica Boom ao that when I was 2 months old in sl I bought it. Now I am proud to say that I own an ao more elegant and classy with fancy moves from Vista, named Elegant Women.


Glam Affair Amberly - Europa Frostbite
Glam Affair Couture Eyeliner no.3
Fake Realistic Eyes - Blue Sky
Truth Sassy 2 - Oasis
The Secret Store Damask Sweater - Salmon
Tee*fy Aspen High - Waisted Skirt - Cocoa
Izzie's Sheer Tights - Dark Beige
Hucci Nia Pumps - Coral ( old gift )
Boom Tinsley Cashmere Bow Scarf - Tan 
Cae Timeless Earrings
Slink Mesh Hands - Casual
Vista Animations Elegant Women AO

Home & Decor 

Designer Prims Little Getaway House ( Cold Winter Nights Hunt, 10 L$ )
DIGS Vesta Fireplace & Rug - Cream ( Cold Winter Nights Hunt, 10 L$ )
Trompe Loeil Shelf with Framed Imagine Quote ( Cold Winter Nights Hunt, 10 L$ )
Trompe Loeil Pallet Lounger ( Four Walls Hunt, 20 L$ )
Wayward Muse Frosted Mirrors ( Cold Winter Nights Hunt, 10 L$ )
What Next Caravan Breakfast Tray

I am fake !

Hey sweeties ! Recently ( 2 months ago ) I started to use photoshop trials, I don`t know what happend cause even tho I used another yahoo account and re-installed the program it kept saying has expired. As an unemployed student I can`t afford to pay for the actual product so I knew I can find a cracked one. The real problem is that I am no hacker ... I know so few things about computers as a koala bear. Seriously tho I don`t know what have I done and what buttons I pushed but I have photoshop now. I am genius without knowing :)) ... btw did you knew Albert Einstein has failed in first grade at math?

What I am wearing:

Fake Miel - Porcelain Tone - Clean Ginger
Fake Cateye Makeup
Fake Realistic Eyes - Blue Sky
Izzie`s Teeth
Wassabi Pills Valerie 2 - Golden
Meli Imako Rolled Up Sleeves Blazer - Beige
Les Petits Details Top ( part of Debra Dress )
Emery Trouser Lori - Tan ( group gift )
Fanatik Pumps with spikes - Leopard ( group gift )
Cae Timeless Jewelry
Slink Mesh Hands - Casual

Home & Decor

Designer Prims Little Getaway House ( Cold Winter Nights Hunt, 10 L$ )
Wayward Muse Frosted Mirrors ( Cold Winter Nights Hunt, 10 L$ )
Treasure Cove Candles ( gift )
Lisp Bazaar Mesh Tripod Lamb - Red
Trompe Loeil Mendoza Cabinet - White
Soothe Telephone - Black Series ( 55 L$ )
Dutchie Newspaper and open book  ( free )
What Next  Nightstand Reading Glasses

January 12, 2013

Black leather, second skin !

Hai love ! Recently ( yesterday ) I became manager of FAKE and we are looking for talented bloggers to showcase this skins in a fabulous way. So if you are interested please check this link to find the details how you can apply.

Today I will keep it really short if I can :)), being in love takes all your inspiration even the words come harder. Oh well .. House of Fox is looking for bloggers and I am so excited, I just hope I will be picked so pretty please cross your fingers for me !

Oh and I want to mention the new skin release at FAKE, it`s called Miel and I must say I have a big crush on the lips and make-up for eyes. But don`t take it for granted, you should def go and try a demo !

Look 1

Fake Miel - Porcelain tone - Clean Ginger
Fake Cateye Make-up
Fake Realistic Eyes - Blue Sky
Lelutka Jasmine - Lion
Meli Imako Long Sleeve Loose Shirt Tucked - Peach
Color.Me.H.O.F Leather Leggings -Black at Fameshed
Dadabeiz Queen Boots - Black
LaGyo Cloe Necklace - Gold at The Dressing Room Fusion
Slink Mesh Hands - Casual

Look 2

Glam Affair Amberly - Europa Frostbite
Fake Avon Make-up
Fake Realistic Eyes - Blue Sky
Censored Mila Lipstick
Exile Turn the Page - Beach
Color.Me.H.O.F Leather Tee - Black
The Secret Store Crepe Skater Skirt -Charcoal
Izzie`s Sheer Tights - Black ( less sheer )
Ricielli Tess Mesh Boots - Black
Maxi Gossamer Paris Black Diamond Necklace
Slink Mesh Hands - Casual

January 9, 2013

A day with Noir !

Good afternoon sweeties ! Guess what? I asked Noir Gothly to do some photos together. You know what she said? Oh welll ... she said yes :D. I admire her lovely cute style and it felt natural to ask her to join me in a blogpost, I really love to bring something fresh in my blogging.

People really don`t know how much effort involves to take a few good shots, they think is so easy, but what we had today was a totally big mess. Sl made us crash over and over, we weren`t rezzed ok, well specially me, I had some troubles in rezzing, she kept floating, omg when I think what troubles we had makes me laugh. But finally we managed to pull out some pretty photos to share with you guys.

Noir had to leave before I can get her credits ( while I was crashing ) so I will update later with a link to her blog. Oh and we changed so many poses so I am sorry but I will not be able to provide slurl for this ones because we used her poses and I am clueless of wich were.

Thank you Noir for this awesome day and I can`t wait to do this again, as you said without the troubles we had :D.

Update: Check Noir`s blog for her credits and some gorgeous pics she made.

Izzie`s Ginevra Skin - Pale
Izzie`s Eyeliner & Lipstick Matt Natural ( from Ginevra Line )
The Sugar Garden Spilled Milk Eyes - Ice Blue
Fashionably Dead Saturday - Blonde
Ur Favorite One Simple Rope Tucked Sweater - Yellow
Paper Doll Geo Bodycon - Clay ( everything in store between 10-25 L$ )
Izzie`s High-Waisted Tights - Orange
Monso My Combat Ankle Boots - Red
Slink Mesh Hands - Casual
SugarHeart Mesh Dimple Piercing - Black Steel

January 8, 2013

All black ..

Hello ! From time to time I try something new, a little change in my process of editting photos, I didn`t do much just a slight attempting with help from this tutorial made by Miss Sassy Scarborough.

As I don`t feel really good cause I think I am getting a flu I don`t have many words to say so I will keep it short this time. Have a nice day !

Izzie`s Ginevra Skin - Pale
Izzie`s Eyeliner &  Eyeshadow Coral & Lipstick Matt Natural ( from Ginevra Line )
Jesylilo Pearl Eyes - Green
Truth January - Barbie ( som gift )
Meli Imako Mesh Women`s Catsuit - Black Satin
Cliche Citta Stiletto - Black
Slink Mesh Hands - Casual

January 4, 2013

Happy New Year !

Hey sweetiess, I haven`t got the opportunity to make a new blogpost earlier because I was gone in a vacation. How are you guys ? I hope everyone had a wonderful experience for the hollydays and I wish all your dreams come true. As for me I had a great time minus a little experience that made me feel very guilty, I didn`t killed anyone or something like this, I just had a little "affair". I don`t know if this can be called like that, it was only a few kisses and I feel so atracted to that guy, but now I can`t stop thinking about it and I really feel like I am an aweful persone not only because of the cheatting part but because I realised I am not happy and I am living in a lie. I just hope I will deal with it without hurting anyone`s feelings and hoping my bf will not find out. I don`t dare to tell anyone close because I am affraid I will be judged so I am putting my feelings out here, maybe I will feel some kind of relief.

People are very judgemental when it comes to others and tho I am pretty judgemental sometimes I try to get ride of this habit wich is the universal flaw that makes us bad. I am human and I make mistakes, I do not try to excuse myself I just want to state my feelings.Is it bad that I want to be happy? Is it bad that I want to be in love not only to love someone? Being in love is so much different then loving and I want to feel butterflies and excitement. I am just sick of being trapped in a cage, I want more and I deserve more. So for the new year I will try to get right. I was to much time tied up to make sure everyone is feeling good, it`s time for me to be a little more selfish and to start loving myself more then others. If I don`t love myself who will truly love me as I want?

Belleza Noel ( past FLF )
Bilo Najwa Eyes - Mist Blue
Elikatira Only - Warm Blondes
Les Petits Details Princess Dress - Pastel Blue
Meli Imako Open Toe Pumps - Black
COCO Fur Tippet & Pearls at The Dressing Room Fusion
Slink Mesh Hands - Casual