February 21, 2014

Another kind of Little Red Riding Hood !

What I like about Enchantment event ? It's lasting 3 months and therefore is no rush and more likely people who are not so up to date with fashion events in SL won't miss it. And let's face it who doesn't love to dress up like their favorite characters from our childhood stories.

Because I got to the point of mentioning about childhood I want to say that it is outrageous that kids this days prefer to stay in front of a laptop or a tablet or their parents expensive smartphone instead of going out to play or to do stupid things such as get in to all puddles ( when I was a kid I liked to smash the thin ice above the puddle and of course 90% of the times my feet slighted in to water ). I will stop here because I get really angry and I won't stop rambling about this subject for the next hour or so.

Back to the topic of Enchantment , oh my god how much I love this sensual dress from Peqe. I just hope I didn't overprocess this pictures, it really isn't my style but I got carried away with Pickmonkey filters.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that I took this pictures at 'It all starts with a smile' sim wich at the moment isn't available for public because it's being changed for spring so this is just a small preview of it. But Kaelyn told me it will open it's virtual doors for large public in march so it won't be so long until you guys can visit this gorgeous sim. I can't praise enough about Kae's talent of decorating a full sim and making it looking so damn good. Good job Kae, it looks fantastic <3 p="">

Essences Emma - Doux*
Song Alaska Ivy Eye*
Buzz Lip Balm - Cherry*
Diva Manon - Cat's Eye
Peqe Riding Hood Ombre - Red @Enchantment*
Modern Couture - Nacre Jewelry*
Slink Mesh Hands - Casual
Izzie's Nails Appliers - Red*
Posesion Formal Skirt Poses*

February 5, 2014

Vista Animations: for her and him !

Do you remember wich stores you crossed when you were a noob and still love them after a few months, years etc. ? I have three years and two months in SL and maybe three years and one month since I've encounter Vista Animations. As any newbie I started to ask arround and to do some research about this platform, as I can't really call SL a game, so I found out about AO's ( Animation Override ) and this HUD is giving you options to move in different ways. Also I found the perfect skin at that time and hair so I really wanted to enhance my avatar but being a host in a club I didn't gain enough money to afford all this stuff and as quick as I finished each working session I ran at shops to buy clothes.

The days were passing and my desires grew so I decided to buy some lindens to make Roxi move sexy and lustful with the newest AO at that time called Chica Boom, wich was inspired by a video from a roumanian singer. Before SL I wasn't a gamer, I tried a few games when I was little but I got bored, but SL was so fascinating and when I saw I can control my avatar with a HUD I was astonished. Chica Boom was my first AO and my first love in this category but years have passed and many releases were made till now, till the newest AO from Vista Animations and my favorite not only because of the name wich by the way is Cosmopolitan ( :D ) but because of the quality and the smoothness of the moves.

Cosmopolitan AO has calm,self confident, femenine and elegant moves. For more informations I will write down the words of Vista Barnes and his team:

" Calm, relaxed, beauty, sexy, elegant she has it all!
This is an AO that you can wear in any situation: from nightclub, shopping, catwalk, from the beach to the bar and you will look the very essence of woman wearing it.

-Lolas friendly. Animations created to not interfere with big/huge boobs
-Mesh friendly Animations are optimized to deform mesh clothing  
-New breathing effect more realistic, soft and subtle
-stands LONGER than ever! 18 mocap 60 SECONDS  stands made with our new mocap system, the best system available in the market. Vicon Blade2!
-7 brand new dances made especially for this AO
-NEW 6 couple animations added, and 100% compatible with our mocap couples hud. 
-Updated HUD that allow unlimited dances and notecards and force arms for them.
-Selectable attitude modes.  
- Animations Low Priority: This will allow you to use hadbags or complemets! "

Aaaaand there is a new add-on "Two Sexy Chicks" made for Vista Couples HUD or AO HUD 4.x and contains 16 female-female couple dances.

New Millionaire AO for men: " Refined, confident and with the world at his feet, the man who wears ‘The Millionaire’ AO from Vista Animations is a class act. Featuring brand new animation technology, ‘The Millionaire’ has new neck movements for a hyper realistic look – it’s the most dazzling male animation ever created by Vista Animations.
This AO is perfect for conquering the SL business world, for socializing and for quiet seduction!
This is an AO with subtle stands, walks and sits to give you an air of prestige and masculine elegance in any situation. When you want the world to notice you, choose ‘The Millionaire’ for maximum impact. "

-60 seconds stands. This allow us to do more quiet stands.
-Mesh friendly Animations are optimized to deform mesh clothing.
-New breathing effect more realistic, soft and subtle.
-14 mocap stands 60 seconds made with our new mocap system, the best system available in the market. Vicon Blade2!
-More dances than ever, 7 brand new dances made especially for this AO.
-Couple animations added, and 100% compatible with our mocap couples hud. 
-Updated HUD that allow unlimited dances and notecards and force arms for them and kill script option
-Selectable attitude modes.
-Accesories option. Walks, turns and stands will allow you to use animated objects. "

King of Party Dances Animations for men:


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Taxi: Vista Animations ! *

February 1, 2014


The 1st month of this year has been quite busy for me as I've managed to find not one but two jobs, one is full time and the other one is part time and I can go whenever I want. Still, I wasn't able to log in too much as I had to accommodate with both but now I can manage better my time and finally I can return to my passion, to my dearest little blog and you my lovely readers.

When I tried Emma from Essences I felt in love with her sweet but yet sexy features and if you like her as much as I do I want to say that it is available at The Season Story. I was imagining Emma with a cute coat and a bun so I found the perfect match from Meli Imako and  luckly I already had this super sweet hair bun from Liquence

Aren't this tights and heels the sweetest from all SL ? The tights are from Miss Izzie and the heels I am wearing ( and by the way if you didn't saw I've matched my nails with this heels :D ) are from fri.day and you must own Slink Medium Feet to be able to wear them.

Essences Emma - Doux @The Season Story*
Essences Tattoo Lashes*
Fake Eyes - Sky Blue*
Liquence F5 - Light Blonds*
Meli Imako Lace Trim Winter Coat*
fri.day Clara.Heels - Mint*
Izzie's Heart Tights - Eggshell*
Izzies's Nails Appliers - Mint*
Slink Mesh Hands
Imeka Poses Liz*