August 14, 2013

Shoetopia & Inventory Meme

Hello guys ! I know that is quite too soon to tell about the up coming shoe fair because it will take place just in november but, yes there is always a but, the team behind this awesome event are organising a blogger search and we had to take a picture showcasing a pair of shoes of course. I am very anxious cause it would be an honour to be choosen as official blogger for Shoetopia so pretty please keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck.

When mesh feet came out for the first time at Slink I wasn't that trilled to buy them right away because I rarely pose without a pair of any kind of shoes so I was much more excited about the mesh hands, those are the single item in SL that I ever wore since I bought them and never got off. But then I decided I want a pair of mesh feet but I liked more the ones for Gos Boutique because of the easy matching hud as never was so good at tinting. Recently creators started to do add on shoes that work only with Slink mesh foot so I had to buy those too. I don't regret at all because they are amazing, the feet and add ons too. 

When Berry started her Monday Meme I followed her and answear the challenge but then I got all busy in rl and I really like them so I am starting doing them again. For today is the much disputed and talked subject between bloggers "Inventory Meme".

1. What is your current inventory number? - 41 601

2. If you had to delete your whole inventory and could keep only one thing, what would it be? That is a hard question but I'll go with Berry's answear as the folder for hair is just a single thing :))

3. What is the last thing you purchased? Tee*fy Faux Fur Coat from Collabor 88

4. Which item do you wear most often? Slink Mesh Hands - > I never ever get them off !

5. When you search the word penis, how many items pop out? I was proud that I don't own a single penis "item" but when I typed in search tab there was it .... an old gesture with ( Oh Jeesus, do I really have to say it? it was only for fun lol ) Ok Ok .. it was a gesture with "I like penis". I am ashamed ! It's your fault ! 

Love, Roxi !


Essences Whisper - Light Rose
Madrid Solo Spotted Owl Lips
Lamb Zelda @Collabor 88
Tee*fy Faux Fur Coat - Beige @Collabor 88
Maxi Gossamer Paris Black Diamond Necklace
Slink Mesh Hands 
Slink Mesh Foot 
fri.day Peggy T-Straps - Midnight @Collabor 88

The Muse Poses - Karya

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