July 29, 2013


And once again another Hair Fair has closed it's doors. This is the third edition I took part of and I am a little nostalgic to see how the time has past and how was the first Hair Fair I participated. Things has evolved so much and I can't help myself wondering what brings the future to us SL-ers. For this topic I am sorry I couldn't blog more hair styles in a fashionably time but 2 weeks it's just not enough.

Monso is one of my favorite store from SL because of the quality and originality wich Morphine puts into her creations. Now she released a pair of studded shorts in different colors, with or without materials option and a hud to change the studs texture.

Love, Roxi !

Essences Whisper - Light Rose NEW !!
Fake Evalina Lipstick - Velvet Red
Insufferable Dastard Reflection Eyes - Light BlueGreen
Lamb True Faith - Dust ( previous at Hair Fair )
Mutresse Dupla Bustier Bra
Monso My Studded Shorts - Vintage Blue
Izzie's Sheer Tights - Blue
Monso My Fabric Oxford

July 23, 2013

Hair Fair - Faenzo

Haaai ! I hope you already went to Hair Fair cause there are tons of awesome hair styles. At first I wanted to do a top but I changed my mind and I will show you a few posts with my favorites so each one can get the attention it deserves. My favorite from this year is a simple, straight  hair, One by Herve Faenzo, that has stolen my heart for ever.

In my opinion is the perfect straight,long hair with perfect texture of ombre and the exact amount of shine. I belive this is Herve Faenzo's first release of hair and the quality and beauty rises to the highest expectation I could ever have. It may sound like an advertise but I can assure you this words come from my excitement wich this hair makes me since I bought it.

Love, Roxi !

Glam Affair Lulu - America 02
Tuli Lashes
Insufferable Dastard Reflection Eyes - Light BlueGreen
Herve Faenzo One - Fades ( Marilyn ) at Hair Fair !
ColdLogic Dress Sarin - Linen
Slink Mesh Hands

Imeka Poses ( no longer available )

July 13, 2013

Hair Fair Sim

Well hello there ! Hair Fair it's officially opened for public and I made a few pics to show you the ingenous and cool sim that team from HF made. I was up late last night because I wanted to be sure I can make photos without the worry of lag when the gates are opened for everyone; I bought a few hair styles wich I will show you in the next few days and of course I will go back to buy more. You will probably ask why not wait till the fair is ending and go right to the stores and avoid lag, right?

You may know or not but this is a charity event and a donation of  all purchases at Hair Fair goes to Wigs For Kids, and 100 % of all Bandana Sales and Kiosk Donations go to Wigs For Kids also. And this I belive it's a strong reason to fight an eventual lag. Oh and if you take some pictures share them on Hair Fair official Flickr. If you scroll down the page I have put all the slurls for every store at the fair and I just hope it will be usefull for you.

How amazing is this lego ideea? I just love it.

Love, Roxi !

July 9, 2013

Hair Fair Infos

Haai ! Great news guys, Hair Fair is just arround the corner and I wanted to let you know a few things. First of all and the most important is that I love so much Hair Fair that is my second best event after Christmas that I love. You may say that I am crazy because it's just SL and Christmas is real; well the thing is in rl I have made a lot of changes to my hair and I consider it my best accessory.

Like any accessory, in time, it can get shabby. After so many experiments in the last years I've decided to give it a break and I haven't tint it or alterate with so much heat from hairstreightner or hairdryer. I have one year and a half since I didn't tint my hair and because it was almost blonde and I am naturally brunette I got some awesome ombre and everyone is asking me if a stylist made them. 

Sometimes I feel an urge to make a new thing on my hair and the only thing that calms me down is SL cause I can get any hair I want there. Roxi Bluewood is not an avatar, is an extension of me, Roxi from RL. So you can imagine what trill I get when it's Hair Fair, a big place with lots of fabulous hair to choose.

 I also wonder what are your addictions in rl that you try to satisfy in sl too? Mine are my hair, of course, jewelery and make-ups in rl but hair is the only one I feel I need to satisfy it in sl. I think I said enough of my guilty pleasures and stuff and rambled much more then I intended to do so next I will give you some informations about the event taken from Hair Fair official blog and from press release.

The 8th annual Hair Fair runs from July 13th-28th. I will provide a SLurl as soon as the gates of Hair Fair are opened for everyone. 

"Hair Fair 2013 is almost here (July 13th – 28th), and we encourage everyone to use the Hair Fair DEMO Group!  Designers will be sending demos out via group, so you can try out all the latest styles, and pre-shop! This is a great lag free way to peruse the offerings at the fair!  Grab some friends and host a demo party at your home!
There are several easy ways to join!
Inworld:  Search > Groups > Hair Fair DEMO Group >  Join!
Inworld: There will be group joiners set in various stores, or go HERE  which also has the Hair Fair Subscribomatic which keeps you up to date on Hair Fair News
Inworld: Copy and paste this into local chat and click the link it makes to open the group and join:  secondlife:///app/group/2e30d166-f3e5-e2de-ff72-b3da2d06ded2/about
We cannot wait to see you at this years Hair Fair to help raise money for Wigs for Kids."

"This is a charity event where a minimum of 15% of ALL hair packs sold at Hair Fair is donated to charity, which means every single purchase helps a child."

"Each year we call out to the large community of Second Life to help us help Wigs for Kids. On the last day of Hair Fair we have Bandana Day, the day where we remove our hair to show we care, in support of those that have lost hair, or suffer from hair loss. Every year people from all over, not just the Hair Community, submit to use their bandanas they have made from the kits we provide, and they are then sold at 50L each (transferable) during Hair Fair on all four sims.

We have raised hundreds of extra USD each year with these bandanas, and it is also a great way to share and show community spirit, as people share their reasons behind wanting to help, as well as their creativity, and fun. The Bandanas have become almost collectable, with many people through the years telling me they have them from every year, or they wear them when they are at laggy events and so on."

July 6, 2013


Hai darlings ! When I find a new feature for PS ( well not that new ) I am worried to use it because I always fear that I will over do it and ruin a good photo. When I start using photoshop last year I took a look on Berry's blog to see a few tutorials and she talked about exposure too but I was affraid to try it. This fears comes from my insecuritty of not knowing the unknowed; yes this is strange but what can I do ? Easy , I will try it after my fear goes away.

So after 8 months I finally tryed exposure and I really like the effect but as I am very subjective when it comes to myself I will ask, actually pretty ask you guys to let me know if it's appealing to you or I over processed the photo.

Love, Roxi !

Izzie's Ivana - Fair with Freckles
Tuli Lashes - Black
Essences Endless Night Lipstick
Insufferable Dastard Reflection Eyes - Light BlueGreen
Truth Elisha - Swedish w/Roots
Mutresse Dupla Ruffled Leggings and Bustier Bra ( with color change hud )
Izzie's Anchor Necklace - Gold
Slink Mesh Hands
Gos Boutique Mesh Feet - Arched

Imeka Poses ( no longer available )

July 1, 2013

Summer Day

Ohaaaai ! My boyfriend bought a new laptop and I am sooo jealous of him cause it got a super fancy graphic card; it has shadows and stuff and sl is not laggy at all even if it's been set on high. Of course it belongs to him and I don't like to mess it up like I done with mine. I just hope I will be able to buy one with awesome graphics for myself real soon.

In the spirit of my excited mood I made some photos and I didn't edit them as I usually do. Oh and by the way, even tho I am all excited about this I am a little sad and never thought that I could miss blogging so much. I managed to make it trough finals but I did postpone my license because of so many exams to study for and such a short time; I am just glad that I can take it on september and I won't be put in the situatian to wait another year. Now I just came back from a short vacation at a resort in Carpathian Mountains and I think everything will get to a normal rythm. Enjoy my raw pics :D

Love, Roxi !

This photos are taken at Kaelyn Alecto's beautiful sim

My Uglydorothy Miu - Tone 1 - Lovely 
Truth Crys w/Roots - Swedish
Monso My first Jeans - Lemon
Meli Imako Wrap Top - White
ASO Alphabet Marine Trico Bag
ASO Morrocan Bracelets
ASO Kyoto Chirimen Wishlet
Soothe Sunglasses Jelly Bean - Coolmint Lemon
Loovus Dzevavor Pantone Pumps - Olympia 
Slink Mesh Hands
Imeka Poses ( no longer available )

Also I made some pics of my home wich I would love to share with you ! :D

Turnip's Dusk Hills skydome (50x50)
Cheeky Pea Gale Cottage - Brick
Trompe Loeil Thrift Shop Outdoor Bench - Yellow
What Next Garden Cafe Table - Pine

Soothe [mdrm] 60's sofa (giraffe)
Zinnias Gardener's Stepstool
Zinnias Tippy Bowls with eggs
Zinnias Southwestern Borders Rug
Zinnias Potted Spring Plants
.lame - Peter Rabbit Figurine(white & brown)
Cheeky Pea Burnby Wine Cabinet - Natural
Cheeky Pea Wire Birdy
Cheeky Pea Spring Sunflowers
Cheeky Pea Sara Photo Heart
Trompe Loeil - Frame Square Art 

Trompe Loeil - Cobble Hill Chairs Linen
Trompe Loeil - Cobble Hill Couch/Pillows Linen
Trompe Loeil - Industrial Coffee Table
{Petite Maison} - Latticed Cobbler & Brynn Cakeplate (steamy)
Books and Wine - ChiC buildings
Cheeky Pea Abbotsford Hanging Shelf
Cheeky Pea Sara Birdcage
LISP - Mesh -Tripod Lamp Red Lamp Orange

Cheeky Pea Mr. Whiskers Table
Cheeky Pea Mr. Whiskers Cake Stand
Cheeky Pea Mr. Whiskers Teacup
Cheeky Pea Sara Picnic Basket Spring
Tres Blah Tea Time - Floral Bunting
Tres Blah Tea Time - Tea and Crumpets
Tres Blah Tea Time - Tray of Macarons
Senzafine "Colour in Bloom" Accent Chairs
Atelier Visconti Epoque Jam Jars
Cobblestone - Sunshine Pictures (Long)
%Percent Furniture Pitcher of Tulips (Lavender)
Trompe Loeil - Thrift Store Table Surfer Blue Fancy
:NuDoLu Voyage: Le vent doux
:NuDoLu Voyage: Tapis de dentelle WR 
Trompe Loeil - Hanging Line With Photos
Captivity Poses- the Photographer

Trompe Loeil - Stringlights With Photos Mirror
Trompe Loeil - Cobble Hill Pencil Sketch Butterfly
MudHoney Madagascar Chair
MudHoney Baobab Tree
Cheeky Pea Abbotsford Side Table
Cheeky Pea Abbotsford Fish Mirror

Trompe Loeil - Cobble Hill Bed Brown Frame
Trompe Loeil - Cobble Hill Wall Ornament Iron
Trompe Loeil - Cobble Hill Dresser 3 Drawer Brown Wood
Trompe Loeil - Glass Deco Lamp Blue
Trompe Loeil - Thrift Shop Accent Chair Tiny Flowers
Trompe Loeil - Cobble Hill Abstract Art
Trompe Loeil - Cobble Hill Rug
Atelier Visconti Epoque Coffee Table
{what next} Garden Cafe Tray
{what next} Garden Cafe Flowers (cream)
Cheeky Pea Simple Easel - Blush
%Percent Furniture Pitcher of Tulips (Peach)