February 18, 2012

Loves come and go !!

And I`m glad this all Valentine`s madness its over :D ... I tried to ingor it but with all the hearts and red it was a little hard. Aaaand I`m in love...with this fabulous jacket from [monso] and this hardcore belt from ...:::scrub:::.... Loving a men its hard and difficult,always will be so much drama and all, but fashion will never make me cry ... well maybe it will make me when I will see something that I can`t have it.. pff love its complicated. For now I will stop talking about love, its not really my area so I wish you all a hole year of love not just a day.

With love, Roxi B. XoXo !!

Skin: Lara Hurley Happy Valentine (GIFT)
Eyes: Izzie`s Natural Mesh - Olive (Recent Release)
Hair: LeLutka Pinned (Edited, Old gift)
Jacket: [monso] My Yagu - Apricot (NEW)
Pants: ::Needful Things:: Sugar Butt - Tomato (old group gift)
Shoes: HOC Industries Baa Boots - Mesh (NEW)
Belt: ...:::scrub:::... @ Fashionable Late  My Muse - UK (NEW)
Nails: ...:::scrub:::... Rockers Nails
Bracelet: [DDL] Toca Para Mi (Group Gift)

Pose: Retro`

February 10, 2012

Pink please bring Spring !!

I`m sick of cold ... I`m dreaming of a colorfull Spring :D ... I can`t wait to see birds singing,trees and flowers to blossom, to be at least 17 degree and trough somewere deep all my warm clothes. So with hope in my soul I`m showing you a pink & turquoise outfit that makes me feel so cute and since almost is St. Valentines is kind of welcomed outfit.

I wish all of you a great weekend and lots of fun !! XoXo, Roxi B.

Skin: "tsg" Chloe in Lolita - T/No Bust/Brown
Tatto: Izzie`s Lipstick Kiss - Cheek (Group Gift/St. Valentines)
Eyes: Izzie`s Natural Mesh Eyes - Blue Diamond resizeable (NEW)
Hair: Action Audrey - Bleached (Group Gift, fee to join)
Cardigan: *T.Whore* Sexy Cardigan Glam - I`m Barbie 
Pants: Le Lolo High Waisted Pants - Fuschia (NEW)
Shoes: Mimi`s Choice N-core Coquette Platform - Turquoise (WomenStuff Hunt)
Bag: ~Pepper~  Star Hunter Mesh - Teal 
Nails: Izzie`s Classic Nails (NEW)
Necklace: Fairy Tail - Long Bow Necklace (old group gift, this store has closed)

February 7, 2012

Little Black Dress !!

Hello darlings !! Two big words: Coco Chanel !! Everyone knows her but not everyone knows her story, and because I like to know the person beside the name I made a few research about her. I read about her life in a great book written by Aurora Liiceanu, Four women, four storys , and of course I saw a movie maked after her life. She is the inventor of the little black dress, but since little black dress has reached different ways to be worn and different styles. Anyway ... every fashionista knows that a little black dress should be in her wardrobe, INDI has made such a beautifull dress , of course is available in many colors but I choose black because is classic. And I always like to say this: Ladys wear your clothes with atittude !!

Have a fabulous day !! XoXo, Roxi B.

Skin: "tsg" Chloe in Lolita - NT/No Bust/Brown
Lipstick: "tsg" Sugar Lips - Dark Lipstain (NEW)
Hair: Vita`s Budoir Sugarplum Coiffure - Platinum
Dress: INDI Leather Dress - Black (NEW)
Shoes: Vita`s Budoir Pony Girl Boots (old group gift)
Bag: Gok Pearl Drop Clutch - Zebra (Fashionably Late)
Earings: ::HH:: Hucci Tres Circle (SOM Gift)
Bracelets: [DDL] Manic Monday (Group Gift)
Nails: Izzie`s Glitter Nails (ZombiePopcorn Hunt)

Poses: Retro`

February 2, 2012


I just want to say a few words: NOT ALL ROMANIAN PEOPLE ARE CRIMINALS !! I am romanian and I am proud of it, I am honest and is NOT FAIR that everyone judge romanians just because one is a thief.. As I said before every country has good and bad people, and before judge me or other romanians try to know us as we are.

Look at my post,at my work, not at my nationality !!  I hope you all have a good day !!

Skin: "tsg" Steffy in Lolita - Aspen No Bust (NEW)
Lipstick: "tsg" Light Red - T
Hair: Lamb! Color Testers - Honeycomb (FREE) 
Blouse: Izzie`s Bow Tie Blouse - Red (NEW)
Skirt: KIM Party Mesh - Light Bronze (Recent Release)
Shoes: (Shiny Things) Delphine Pumps - Gold (SOM/Group Gift)
Bag: Gok Pearl Drop Clutch - Leopard (NEW at Fashionably Late)
Bracelet: Finesmith Diana (old hunt)
Nails: Izzie`s Glitter (ZombiePopcorn Hunt)

Poses: ::WetCat:: Vanity 1 (old 55L$ Thursday) [Lauria] (old TOSL hunt) 1,2