November 27, 2013

Snowballs Fight

Fourty eight ours without a mouse it is terrible but I survived and now I am able to show you what I did in this weekend. I shouted in plurk that I need someone to help me with a couple of pics and instead of one I got three gorgeous ladies wich I thank them for their awesome contribution. Kaelyn had saved me before with her malt, Amy is one of my favorite bloggers and I constantly check her blog, and I got to meet
Shayariel a nice girl wich also happends to be a blogger.
Thank you girls !


Glam Affair Candy - America
Essences Eyelashes
The Skin Shop Lipstick Everyday Manila Free
Liquence F3 - Light Brown
FATEplay - Karen - Original @Geeks&Nerds
Izzie's Overknee Socks - Grey
fri.day Bowtie.Pumps - Pink @Geeks&Nerds Slink Feet Add-On
{me.} Flower me MAXI Necklace @She & Him
{me.} Flower me Earrings 
Izzie's Hair Tie Bracelet - Brown 
The Wicked Peach Nails Geometry White @Shoetopia
Izzie's Snowball Fight Poses
Izzie's Snowball Hit @The Dressing Room Fusion
Slink Hands & Feet


Belleza Nina Med 3 Dark Browns
Exile Party Girl - Naturals
Izzie's Mesh Earmuffs - Red
Aitui Tattoo Heart 
FATEplay Karen - Crimson @Geeks&Nerds
Izzie's Knee Socks - Dark Red
fri.day Bowtie Pumps - Black @Geeks&Nerds Slink Feet Add-On
Slink  Hands & Feet 


Belleza Winter Skin
Exile Raspberry Beret 
Kokolores Basic Shirt
Luas Irina Shawl - Cream
Slink Crop Split Jeans
Coco Leather Gloves
League Winter Wedge Boots @Shoetopia


Glam Affair Kaelyn *Not yet released
Mina Carlijn - Light Brown @The Attic
FATEplay Karen spring @Geeks&Nerds
Mstyle Tights - Rose Brown 
Izzie's Overknee Socks - Brown
fri.day Bowtie Pumps - Mocha @ Geeks&Nerds Slink Feet Add-On
Slink  Hands & Feet 

November 26, 2013

Geeks & Nerds

In the past probably geeks and nerds weren't so popular as are today, but since we love to put a label on anything and everyone and also like to explore different options, many researchers has come to the conclusion that beside metrosexual, retrosexual and othersexual kind of men there is a not so new species of men, geeks, that are super hot. Of course we can say many women are geek too but our lovely men were always our favorite subject to debate and label in categories.

I don't know about you guys but I have a few sides that constantly batles to reach the surface of my style and I know my geek/dork side sometimes reaches out and I simply feel like sexy is so overrated when you can have that feeling of being a nerd teenager. I am no longer a teenager as I recently made 23 years old but I enjoy remembering my youth and my past and I hope this memories won't fade away because we need them to feel our soul young and clean.

Geeks & Nerds is a new event that started on 24 november and it will last two weeks, today I am showing you just a few decor items because my 8th mouse in almost three years decide to break on me so it's very difficult to work on my pics without one but in the next posts I will showcase some of the cutest outfits from this fair. Oh and before I forget, scroll down for The Geeky Meme by Strawberry Singh !

Living Room

Trompe Loeil Frostbite Cottage Blue (snow version)
Trompe Loeil Color Dresser 2 Drawer - Dark
Trompe Loeil Industrial Chandelier Tall
Cheeky Pea Quinn Sofa @Fameshed
Cheeky Pea Quinn Chair Emerald @Fameshed
Cheeky Pea Voronoi Table @Fameshed
Floorplan Greek Tri-lamb Pennant @Geeks & Nerds
Floorplan Tea Leaves Teacup @Geeks & Nerds
Floorplan Winter Is Coming Blocks @Geeks & Nerds
Second Spaces Geeky Busted Monitor @Geeks & Nerds
Second Spaces Geeky Penholder Loose Keys @Geeks & Nerds
Second Spaces Geeky Old School Game Cartridges @Geeks & Nerds
Second Spaces Geeky Game Controllers @Geeks & Nerds
Second Spaces Geeky Powerstrip Two w/wires @Geeks & Nerds
Second Spaces Geeky Loose Cables @Geeks & Nerds
Zinnia's Houseplant
Zinnia's Decorative Guitar
Zinnia's Dracenea
Zigana Rug 
c( TC ) GameCat - Pink @Geeks & Nerds
The Secret Store -  8 Bits Frames @Geeks & Nerds
Tama Lil White Tiger @Shoetopia
Tama Lil Brown Teddy @Shoetopia
Dutchie Laundry Basket

Here are the definitions wich Berry found:

Geek (n.)- Someone who is smart, enjoys video games, comic books, being on the internet, etc… and usually has a passion or hobby that they obsess over.

Nerd (n.)- A socially awkward person with a very high IQ. They gain pleasure from amassing large quantities of knowledge about subjects often too detailed or complicated for most other people.

Dork (n.)- Someone who is a bit socially awkward, has odd interests and is often clumsy. Dorks are typically more noted for their quirky personality.

1.What do you consider yourself to be? Geek? Nerd? Dork? None of the above? All of the above?  I am pretty much a combination of dork and geek, though I wish I were a little nerd too. I admire smart people.

2.What was the first computer you ever owned?  486

3.When and how did you first get on the internet? I was 11 or 12 years old I think and a friend took me to an Internet Caffe and showed me some kind of social media like messenger combined with facebook but way basic then this ones, it was called mirk and you could chatt with strangers. 

4.Which geek fandom do you subscribe to? I like Harry Potter but I am not obssesed and I don't subscribe. I just like it like any other kind of movies.

5.Star Trek or Star Wars? I saw Star Wars and the two new movies about Star Trek but like Harry Potter, I like them as movies not as a huge fan.

6.How Geeky Are You?  This is my result: 45 % Geek -" You’re just “meh” with technology. One minute smugly downloading a cool new smartphone app to show off, the next staring in despair at the Microsoft Word help system to write a simple letter." Kind of true :D


Dutchie Linen Room Cabinets With Accessories
Dutchie Broom 
Dutchie Rug Beater 
Dutchie Bucket With Mop 
Dutchie Plumeau 
Dutchie Scrub Brush
Dutchie Ironing Board
Dutchie  Drying Rack
Zinnia's Zoom Spray Bottle
Zinnia's Sponge
Zinnia's Harvest Pumpkins
Lark Baking Tins

November 18, 2013


We waited long for this event but Shoetopia opened it's virtual doors and we can finally bankrupt our virtual pockets on shoes of all kind. This is a charity event and for more details about it I will introduce Anessa's words, one of the organisers: "An organization that puts shoes on the feet of underprivileged children so they can attend schools, allows domestic abuse victims to have a second chance at entering the workforce in style, creates jobs in the most needy of communities, and uses the slogan 'every shoe deserves a Second Life', it could not be a more worthy or appropriate organization to benefit from all of our efforts." 

The timing of Shoetopia could not be more advantageous to Soles4Souls, already hard at work preparing to assist those affected by the recent storms in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, each participating designer will be offering up an item that will see 100% of its proceeds go directly to Soles4Souls. Have fun at Shoetopia ! 

Love, Roxi !

*Note - All shoes listed bellow can be found at the moment only at Shoetopia !!

Trompe Loeil - Skarstind Main House
:CP: & [Con.] Cobblers Room @Shoetopia Gatcha 
A.D.D.Andel! Wooden Rainbow Wall Art - Pastel Rainbow @Shoetopia Gatcha RARE
Zinnias Houseplant
Half-Deer Wooden Crate - Nature Tones - Cat
Half-Deer Wooden Crate - Nature Tones - Deer
Tama Tamagachas Lil White Kitten @Shoetopia Gatcha 

Monso My Ankle Boots - Blue
Monso My Hiker Boots - Ivory 
Monso My Hiker Boots - Brown
fri.day - River Boots - Scarlet
fri.day - River Boots - Mint
G*Field Deck Shoes - Flower Free Gift
G*Field Wedge Boots Nancy - Charcoal
Ingenue Zuri Flats - Agua add-on Slink Feet
Ingenue Esme Flats - Cherry add-on Slink Feet
BOOM Locale Heels - Violet add-on Slink Feet
BOOM Venture Flats - Cherry add-on Slink Feet
BOOM Olycena Bow Pumps - Emerald add-on Slink Feet
BOOM Posey Pumps - Cocoa add-on Slink Feet
Apple Fall Hugg Boot - Kitty 
Apple Fall Hugg Boot - Reindeer 
ieQED Teeter Spike Pump Oyster -Gold add-on Slink Feet
Miamai Natur'O Leather Pumps - Aircoal add-on Slink Feet
Nyu - Mary Jane Wedge Heels - Nude
League Lauren Wedge Boots - Purple 

November 15, 2013

Santa Does Exist - Christmas Store

In one month and ten days will be the best hollyday of the year, my favorite, Christmas. I happend to know a new store, with full perm Christmas decorations, wich opened recently. The main reason why I am interested in this shop is because they have some nice Christmas animated cards and being full perm means you can gift them to your loved ones and friends.

There you will find a lot of super cute items such as reindeer, squirell, numerous kinds of decoration lights, home decoration, furniture, Christmas tree, pine trees with snow, clothes and many others all in Christmas theme. All items are full perm !

I bought for myself a penguin and some lights but I am not stoping here, once again decoration fever caught me and I need a lot of winter/Christmas stuff to fill my new Turnip Skydome. Santa Does Exist and you can find it here !

Love, Roxi !

November 14, 2013

Snow White

Last year the cold weather arrived quite early and we didn't had too many warm autumn days, but this year it was nice and warm weather till two days ago. Slowly the winter is coming upon us; in SL sim owners had already set up for cold season so I took some pictures on my favorite place, Izzie's.

In 1th november started a new event, Enchantment, wich centers around fairy tales. It will cycle every 3 months and the first fairy tale to be featured is Grimm's Snow White. I am wearing *COCO* Doll Snow White - Mesh Avatar and I have to say this doll has stolen my heart with her ballerina look. 

"Best & Worst Meme" by Strawberry Singh

1.Best thing about Second Life: Everything is possible.
  Worst thing about Second Life: Everything is possible and everyone can join it. Some people shouldn't be allowed in this magical word.

2.Best thing in your inventory: Hair folder.
  Worst thing in your inventory: Chaos.
3.Best earliest SL memory: I don't remember what I and some friends were talking about but I laughed with tears, I remember that laughter.
  Worst earliest SL memory: A fight with a drama vampire girl. 

4.Best thing you learned because of SL: Photoshop.
  Worst thing you learned because of SL: There are so many wanna bes who seeks for attention. Fauxslebrittys !!

5.Best thing about blogging: I don't have enough words to describe what blogging means to me and how much I care about my blog. It's something I can't imagine my life without it.
  Worst thing about blogging: Not having a super computer so I can be able to take the most amazing pictures.

6.Best thing to have with french toast: Garlic, butter and a cup of tea.
  Worst thing to have with french toast: Pinneapple.

*COCO* Doll Snow White - Mesh Avatar @Enchantment
Purple Poses Nails Poses

Love, Roxi !

November 5, 2013

"Avatar Look Alikes Challenge" by Strawberry Singh

For Berry's new challenge I have to say this: no one told me that my avi looks like someone and I never try to make my avi to look like someone from real life. As for the Celebrity Look A like Generator it seems I look like Eva Mendez :)). I create and modify my shape in order to fit a skin but my body is almost everytime the same ( it's an ideal for me in rl ). I change my face everytime I want a new feature to be distinct. I tried once to do a Natalie Portman shape but I failed so I gave up creating shapes based on real people. I would like to know people's opinion on who my avatar looks like so if you have something in mind let me know.

Fake has released a new line called "Violet" and it is fabulous. Personally when I check a skin for the first time I look at lips, eyebrows and skin tone; Bonnie made some gorgeous eyebrows with a natural look and preciouss lips on Violet. It is by far my favorite line from Fake. 

Kostum 9 it's a cute little event and the second round just started a few days ago. There are several brands that offers cute stuff at a low price. My favorites of this round is this large pearl necklace from Modern Couture and Librarian Clutch from Le Primitif. 

My new favorite pair of pants are "My Cotton Jean" from Monso and they are available at Fameshed for November round. They come in two versions for boots and normal and several colours to choose from; I am wearing navy as it's one of the colours I love. Why they are my new favorites? Well that's quite simple: high quality and great butt :)

For this round of Fameshed I absolutely love the new "Piki" sweater from Mustresse because it's so cozy and sweet; it comes in 7 pure color designs, 7 stripe designs, 7 wave designs and 7 line designs.There are 10 texts to choose from and a no text option. 

Fake Violet - Olive
Fake Strawberry Lips
Tuli Black Lashes
Insufferable Dastard Reflection Eyes Light - BlueGreen
Liquence F2 in Color Ombres
Mutresse Piki Sweater @Fameshed
Monso My Cotton Jean - Navy @Fameshed
Modern Couture Jewelry Pearl Necklace - Metal/Cream @Kostum 9
Toro O Watch Colorblock - Red @Kostum 9
Le Primitif Librarian Clutch @Kostum 9
fri.day Allison Boots - Hot Cocoa
Slink Mesh Hands - Elegant
Imeka Poses Soley & Aria @Kostum 9

Love, Roxi !