January 28, 2012

Friendship !!

This post is like a tribute to my 2 best friends from sl <3. This giant scary dog represents my friendship with them, because they will always defend me from anything and have a good word when I will needed it. Unfortunatley one of them will leave soon sl for a long year and 3 months :(. We will miss her and hoping that she will have acces at internet so we can see her from time to time. A dog is the most loyal animal for a human and it loves you unconditional that`s why I choose him as a symbol. I don`t know if it is the longest friendship from sl but for almost a year we are daily together and I can not imagine my sl without them. Cherish your friends and show them always your love and respect.I love you Chrystal & Jool !!

XoXo, Roxi B.

Skin: "tsg" Chloe in Lolita - T/Bust/Brown Moles
Lipgloss: "tsg" Lipgloss Orange
Eyelashes: {Meghindo`s} Andreea 2.0 Lashes
Hair: Exile Kumiko - Darksand (Old Group Gift)
Shirt: KIM Lala Vogue - Mesh (Recent Release)
Leggings: erratic. Laser Cut
Shoes: [GIEREH] Crownly White - High Heel Boots
Bracelet: [DDL] Toca Para Mi  (Group Gift)
Nails: ...:::Scrub:::... Spyked - Black (Recent Realese)
Clutch: ...:::Scrub:::... Studs Storm - Past Fashionably Late

Poses: [Fairy Tail] & tram.  (Group Gift) 

January 25, 2012

Silly in love !!

Today I have a lack of inspiration on writting something  ^^  soooo... lets enjoy this outfit that I put together because I absolutlly love it. Is inspiring me happyness,joy and a little bit of nerdness. I wish you a Cosmolicious Day !! <3

XoXo, Roxi B.

Skin: "tsg" Chloe in Lolita - T/No Bust/Brown Freckles & Moles
Hair: Lelutka Breeze - Sweeden (last summer`s gift)
Knit: ASO! DotKnit - Red (NEW)
Pants: [monso] My Overall - Bleached Blue (NEW)
Socks: Jane Lil Piggies Tights Fuzzy - Og Ochre (SOM)
Flats: [e] Flair Flats - Watermelon (Old Som Gift)
Bag: ~Pepper~ Star Hunter Mesh - Brown (NEW)
Glaces: Berries Inc. Silly Goggles (Old Gift)
Earings: ...:::Scrub:::... Duckling Cameo (NEW) Exclusive items for this NEW event! Snuggly Duckling! 
Bracelet: ASO! Leather Bracelet - cross Brown/Gold (NEW)
Nails: Izzie`s Tribal (NEW)

Poses: Retro`

January 22, 2012

Cutest girl on the block !!

Hello my dears ....... I am a little bit tired, I haven`t slept all night. I stayed so long on sl that when I realised its six in the morning I tought there is no point to go to sleep because I didn`t want to loose all my day in bad. But at 10 am I couldn`t resist any more so I went to bed :), and it`s not that bad at least I descovered some new items that I adore them. I was thinking what to wear for my new post and when I had an outfit ready I wasn`t so happy about it ..... and then I saw this gorgeous boots (mesh) and from there on all came without any effort. It is simple this look but sometimes less is more, I say this to you like you haven`t heard this before *giggles*. I hope everyone had a good night and a resting sleep not like me :D.

XoXo, Roxi B.

Skin: "tsg" Chloe in Lolita - T/No Bust/Brown
Blush & Lipgloss: "tsg" Apple - Light Orange & Light Red Lipgloss -NT
Eyelashes: "tsg" Feathery Black Lashes
Hair: Truth Pippa - Latte
Dress: Essences Mouson - Vintage (NEW)
Boots: Ju Charlie Mesh Boots - Warm Brown (NEW)
Earings & Necklace & Rings: Izzie`s Turquoise Jewelery Set (NEW)
Bag: ~Pepper~ Star Hunter Mesh (NEW)

Pose: Retro`

January 19, 2012

Let`s grab a cup of earl grey with milk !!

I don`t know what happend today but some divine inspiration stroke me from nowhere.. Well that`s a good!! This look I created so fast, the same with this pics, and I like it so much what became and I just want to post it faster so I can show you my Cosmopolits :).

XoXo, Roxi B.

Skin: ..::Mother Goose`s::.. Hena (2) - LB (FREE)
Lashes: {Meghindo`s} Andreea
Hair: Wildo - Old Poupee Hunt
Dress: coldLogic Winter - Clay (FREE)
Socks: Toshy Panty Hose - Black
Pumps: Mstyle Goshi - Cerise
Bag: Izzie`s Satchel - Dark Brown (NEW)
Earings: ...:::Scrub:::... Duckling Cameo (NEW)
Necklace: [chuculet] Part of Belle Jewelry Set - Cream
Ring: Donna Flora Butterfly (old LB)

Pose: Retro`

January 18, 2012

I stole Superman`s blouse !!

Girls listen up this story: Last night I spend a faboulous day with Superman. Even tough he didn`t took out his costume while we had dinner at a luxurious restaurant, and I bet all wonder why he wears underpants on top of his tights?? LoL !! Anyways when he took me to his house it was: 4th july?? Yup !! Fireworks !!Sooooo... In the morning I grabed all my things from ... chandelier, tv, window OMG!! from every were. And in that rush I had to take a souvenir to show you my proof... I was so excited to come really quick so I can tell you about this and LADIES & GENTLEMEN : Superman has an annuncement to make: WANTED!! ROXI BLUEWOOD HAS STOLEN MY BLOUSE!! I HEARD SHE HIDES IT IN Le Lolo !!

Skin: Pink Acid Jackie - Caramel (NEW)
Hair: Esk-imo Bobbie
Blouse: Le Lolo I`m Superman (NEW)
Pants: Le Lolo Lil ripped pants - grey
Shoes: "tsg" Ugg Boots - Tan
Knitted Scarf & PomPom Hat: "tsg" Hot Pink
Mittens: Izzie`s Norwegian Mittens - Brown

Poses: Retro`

January 16, 2012

I can kill for bags and shoes !!

WoooHoooo!! New release from Izzie`s , a fabulous bag in various colors with such beautiful textures and I was so excited when I saw it. It can be worn in both hands, two styles: side & front. I also want to show you this glamurous wedge chogs from Gok wich I put them together with a bodysuit and jacket from Diram ... aaaand accesorised with Onyx set from Izzie`s, claws from Diram and this awesome bracelets from [DDL] wich are free :)

XoXo, Roxi B. 

Skin: "tsg" Chloe in Lolita - T/No bust/Brown
Blush & Lipgloss "tsg" Apple Blush - Heavy Orange -- Light Orange Lipgloss T
Hair: CaTwA New Color Chart - Light Blondies Roots/Butter (FREE)
Outfit: Diram Part of Raquel - Attire
Shoes: Gok WedgeChogs 
Bags: Izzie`s Satchel (NEW)
Earings & Necklace & Rings: Izzie`s (<=LM to Perfect Wordrobe) Onyx Jewelry Set
Bracelets: [DDL] Manic Monday (Group Gift)

January 12, 2012

Lady Gaga !!

DIRAM !!! In my first post I had an outfit from them. Since then I haven`t been in the store, but I received a notecard saying about a new collection and when I saw the pictures I said to myself that I have to make a post with those clothes because are absolutely fabulous. Stay tuned if you want to know more about Diram. I am a big fan of Lady Gaga, not only for her songs but also because she is an innovator in fashion and even if many people says that she is strange I belive she has the right attitude and courage to do something unexpected.She makes her own rules and that is a lesson, we all have to make are own rules as individual person.

Listen to: Lady Gaga - Judas

Skin: "tsg" Chloe in Lolita - NT/No Bust/Brown
Lipstick: "tsg" Dark Red - NT
Eyeliner: Damned Tribal (marketplace - 75 L$)
Hair: lamb! Heart Honeycomb Roots (SOM GIFT)
Outfit: Diram Lady Gaga - Judas (NEW)
Shoes: Loordes of London Tudor Boots (FWH FREE)
Nails: Diram Claw (NEW)
Pose: [Lauria] (old hunt) , Vero Modero (Winter Fair Gift)

January 9, 2012

New year rocks !!

  Well hello my darlings and welcome into the new year!! I hope you all had a great time and you are ready for good news :D. In the last 2 weeks from 2011 I found a new store, The Sugar Garden, and there was a lucky board with a gorgeus skin. So what did I do???? I stood there a few days till I won that skin. Since then I wear it non-stop.... tillll now. Now I have more skins from them and I am proud to say that I found a great skin that I will never be borred of it. And like always I like to put together a few new things,oldies,freebies etc.
  I wish every one to have a CosmoGorgeous Happy 2012!!!

Skin: "tsg"  Chloe in Lolita - T/No Bust/Brown
Blush: "tsg" Apple - T/Orange Light
Hair: Esk-imo Vivi - Blonde (FREE)
Jacket: ::C`est la vie !:: Old gift from A.S.H
Pants: Ricielli Clarissa Highwaistjeans - leopard
Shoes: Vero Modero Okul (part of Okul set)
Earings: Finesmith Neta Jasper
Bracelets & Ring: Osakki Hamur
Poses: ""D!va"" , Manifeste (FREE)