September 28, 2012

Back to school !!

Classes starts on monday at University and though I don`t wear an uniform it reminds me of high school when was an attempt from teachers to make us wear one. Of course back then I tought it is childish and I didn`t like it but now I feel like maybe it would have been better to enjoy more. It says that second life it`s not only a game, it is also a place wear you can furfill your fantasy altough school girl is not really a fantasy for me I enjoyed so much wearing this uniform and felt so good. Morphine, the owner and creator of all Monso designs is very talented and in my eyes she is unique from all the others. I see lots of designers creating the same models and it is just refreshing to see something new.

My Uglydorothy Joo Skin - Salmon   new!!
The Sugar Garden Spilled Milk Eyes - Aquamarine   new!!
Jesylilo Eyeliner - Black no 1 from Nana Skin
Burley Reena Braid - Blonde
Monso My school Look - Blazer with Hud   new!!
Ju Charlie Boots
Izzie`s Satchel Bag - Red
Izzie`s Classic Nails

Purple Poses Tara
Wetcat School Daze - Chair and Board

September 26, 2012

Blogging with Maribel Button !!

Hey Hey !! Today it`s a first for me, after one year of blogging I got a little bit of courage and I asked a blogger that I admire so much to make some photos together. And I have to thank Harvest Denzo for her challenge because that was the impulse that made me ask Maribel Button to be my partner in a blog post.
At first was so weird for me because the fact that I never did this before, Maribel was also a stranger for me, I only knew her from her blog, however she was so nice with me by asking me everytime if I like that backround,pose or whatever, she showed me a lot of patience while I was crashing after taking a photo.
I am always stunned about the goodness of a person, maybe because I often read what some people write, so dramatical and so "queeny", but she is so beautiful inside and outside. I haven`t told you Maribel, maybe because I find my words so hard when a person it`s right in front of me, but you are beside a great blogger also a great human being, I felt so shy in your presence but I hope this is a start of a friendship. Thank you very much for giving me such a wonderful experience !! And here is Maribel`s version :)

On Maribel Button:

Glam Affair Lilith Skin
Insufferable Dastard Ultimate Eyes
Beetlebones Mesh Lashes
CheLLe Eyeliner - French New Wave
Fashionably Dead Sunday Hair - Blonde
The Secret Store Oversized Sweater
Tres Blah Juju Jeans
Mon Tissu Skinny Scarf
Ingenue Ariane Flats
Izzie`s Classic Nails

On Roxi Bluewood:

My UglyDorothy Mary - Burly
The Sugar Garden Spilled Milk Eyes - Aquamarine   NEW!!
Action Alison Hair - Bleached   Group Gift - Fee to join!
ColdLogic Shirt Perdue - Earth   NEW!!
ColdLogic Trouser Kime - Khaki   NEW!!
Monso My Leather Oxford
ASO Leather Bracelet Cross - Orange & Gold
Izzie`s Classic Nails

September 17, 2012

Fall ... just hold me !!

Half of a tree is now with yellow leafs that are ready to fall while the other half is holding tight on it`s green leafs, maybe summer will last longer in that way, and me ... well I am reinventing a new me as I tend to do when fall arrives with it`s light warnings of wind and chilli days. I don`t know why this season makes me feel like I am loosing something each and everytime but in the same time I have a strong feeling that something will change my life. I found a very nice song that I must share with you darlings and I hope you will enjoy it !

JeSyLiLO Sofi - Light Skin J3   NEW!!
Exile Hair Groove Theory - Vanilla
ColdLogic Keach Dress - Navy   NEW!!
Ju Charlie Boots 
WTG Autumn Moon Earings   Group Gift!!
Izzie`s Gradient Nails - Metallic   NEW!!
Les Petits Details Shopping Bag - Brown

September 7, 2012

Missed me?

I came back from vacation anxious to show you this beautiful blouse from Erratic that capped my attention because it has feminine curves and great texture of silk. Oh and lately because all my series were finished and new seasons will come only in october I started to watch them again, Sex and the city and now Gossip Girl. The last one has given me an obssesion for hairbands in rl and sl,so if you are like me you should take a look at charme. cause there you can find very nice hairbands.

I am glad to be back, hugs and kisses to everyone !!

JeSyLiLO Skin SnoWhite - Tan ( FOTA Hunt 5 L$ )
Logo Hair Kaitlyn - Caramel
erratic. Amy Silk Blouse - White ( Recent Release )
Essences Into the Sky - Mesh Skinnies   NEW!!
Loovus Dzevavor Krikey Pumps - Print 3 NEW!!
Les Petits Details Garbo Clutch - W/Bronze NEW!!
charme. Dotted Bow Hairband NEW!!
Scrub Break One`s Back Nails

Miseria August Pose