February 27, 2013

Happy Anniversary ColdLogic !

I remember that a year ago ColdLogic, a innovative new project of three talented designers, has borned. It was the first store based all on original mesh items, as you may know a year ago mesh wasn`t so popular as was a relative new technology.

Even though the store wasn`t opened they set up a subscribe-o-matic with a gift and a contest for all bloggers. At that time I was a noob in blogging and I didn`t tought I will have any chance to get in as there were and still are amazing and talented bloggers. The big surprise was when I got my first review pack from them and I was so excited but still I tought it was just a one time basis. And it wasn`t, I become part of the team and I am honored to have the chance to colaborate with one of the best mesh store in second life.

I don`t like to say big words if I don`t mean it, but what am I even talking about? Everyone knows by now about the great quality and perfect textured clothes from ColdLogic. Once again this team has prepared another chance for bloggers to join the team by submitting a photo to Flickr from were they will choose the best photos and as a reward they will receive all year free review packs. Good luck to everyone !

As for me I am joining a contest for bloggers that are already on the team, I won`t give details cause this is not relevant for you but I will say this: ColdLogic team knows how to spoil their bloggers !

Mother Goose's Suzanne 1 L$
Fake Realistic Eyes - Blue Beach
Fake Lona Eyebrows - Blonde
Elikatira Found - Bright Blonde
ColdLogic Combo Farrow/No Dress - Charcoal 
Izzie's Mademoiselle Bra - Nude
Izzie's Low Neck Tee - Black
ColdLogic Jeans Peck 05
Meli Imako Suede Wedge Ankle Boots - Black
Glam Affair Couture Eyeliner no.03
Glam Affair Valentina Earrings - Black at The Dressing Room Fusion
Fanatik Tyrolia Vintage Bangles
Fanatik Gold Boho Rings - Blue
Slink Mesh Hands - Gesture

Imeka Bunny Gift Poses 1 L$

February 26, 2013

Hide behind a mask !

Hai !! It`s not even quite spring yet, but I wanted to show you this sexy swimwear with front frills from Meli Imako, it`s mesh and it`s very hot. I tought it would work great with a pale skin such as Amberly on Artic tone wich is available at The Dressing Room Fusion to give a vanity/snoby attitude.

Glam Affair Amberly - Artic Valentine at The Dressing Room Fusion 
Fake Lona Eyebrows - Brunette
Fake Avon & Cateye Makeup
Fake Realistic Eyes - Blue Beach
Wassabi Pills Jamie - Rye
Meli Imako Swimwear with Front Frills - Black
Gos Boutique Grace Sandals - Gold
Inside Lab Carnival Mask - Black
Slink Mesh Hands - Gesture

February 21, 2013

Backstage !

Hello sweets ! The biggest news I have is Gos Boutique 's gift wich is available for a week or so now, I just hope you guys entered in the group cause now it's 500 L$ fee to join. But if you didn't join when was free don't think twice cause Gos it's planning to do more gifts and it's well worth it.

At PXL you will find a gatcha machine with 7 skins named "Seven Sins Skins" based on Kate Natural skintone. There are 2 rare, one of them I am wearing it just a little modified in PS at eyeliner, and the price is 99 L$ per play. Have fun !!


PXL Kate 7Sins - Lust ( Gatcha/Rare )
Fake Cateye & Avon Makeup
Fake Realistic Eyes - Blue Beach
Alice Project Tyr Infinity for  Global Domination 
Villena Coat - Cream ( Hud color change for scarf )
Baiastice Gilda Trousers - Wine
Gos Boutique Grace Sandals - Red Glitter ( group gift )
Cae Timeless Earrings 


Pilot Borovsky Stage for Global Domination
Cheeky Pea Anti-Valentine Love Fly To The Sky Bench

February 13, 2013


Hello sweeties !! I am very excited cause I bought my passport for Global Domination, a fun and interactive puzzle game, organised by The Hottie Cooterati. You can buy a passport from several stores and you will automatically receive a gift ( for the actual event you only need one passport but if you want you can buy more passports to get those prizes ), mine is from Maxi Gossamer.

In this pictures I wear only the earrings but in the pack there will be a necklace too. Recently I descovered Remarkable Oblivion, an accesories store with a lot of quality stuff such as this headband with bow I am wearing.

Tuli Helena - Pearl - Dimples 
Tuli Helena Lips - Deviant Maverick
Fake Realistic Eyes - Blue Beach
Glam Affair Couture Eyeliner no. 03
Wassabi Pills Jamie - Golden
Villena Studded Sweater - Black at Collabor88
Epoque Bodycon Mini - Classic Ombre
Gos Boutique Grace Sandals - Gold
Remarkable Oblivion Briar Bow Headband - Leopard
Maxi Gossamer Valentina Jewelled Cross ( comes with passport for Global Domination )
Cae Timeless - Cuffs & Rings
Slink Mesh Hands - Casual

Izzie's Silicone Model

February 12, 2013


Heya !! So many news that I couldn`t show you till now ( exams !! ) from Fameshed, Collabor88 and some other goodies from Fanatik and Mustresse.

This being said I practically credit almost my entire outfit and decor scene but wait I also wear a gorgeous skin with the cutest freckles I've seen in sl. And guess what? it`s on sale for Valentines Day. Well I must confess I am not a big fan of this hollyday wich celebrates love, maybe I am a cinic because I love Christmas but I don`t feel it`s the same. I mean everyone it`s getting all crazy to buy silly bears and hearts and other things for their loved one, or singles getting depressed cause they are ... single. I want to skip this day but it`s so hard when every shop window it's full of pink/red hearts and everyone it`s talking about it, even my boyfriend expects me to buy something for him :| .

Don`t mind my rambling, check credits bellow :)

Tuli Claire - Powder Yes ( Valentine Discount Sale )
Tuli Helena Lips - Deviant Vamp
Elikatira Over - Bright Blonde ( Sale 70 % off )
Mutresse Simona Jacket - Red
Izzie's Low Neck Tee -Black
Color.Me.H.O.F Briston Trousers - Khaki at Collabor88
Fanatik Classic Pumps - Nude, Black, Mint, Tangerine
Fanatik Pumps with Spikes - Nude, Mint
[glow] Studio Hatti Vatti Necklace - Gold/Brown at The Dressing Room Fusion
Slink Mesh Hands - Casual
Izzie's Silicone Model Pose

Home & Decor

Trompe Loeil Frostbite Cottage - Rose
Trompe Loeil Gramercy Bedroom Suite -Gray at Fameshed
Trompe Loeil Ribbon Chair, Table & Swept Bookcase at Collabor88

February 8, 2013


Hey sweeties ! I am excited cause tomorow I have my last exam and I will finally have the opportunity to blog more and catch up.

For now I was diing to show you my mermaid look with this sweet bra from Pididdle wich was made for Zodiac and my new mesh tail from Meli Imako. As for skin I love the new Helena from Tuli wich comes in different make - ups and tattoo layers for lips.

Tuli Helena - Pearl / Light Brows
Tuli Helena - Sheer Sweet Pink Lipstick
Fake Realistic Eyes - Blue Beach
Elikatira Interrupt - Bright Blonde ( Sale 70 % off )
Pididdle Sea Maiden Bra - Sea Princess at Zodiac
Meli Imako Mermaid Tail
Slink Mesh Hands - Casual

Meli Imako Mermaid Animation & Pose

February 1, 2013


Gos has released 4 styles of heels last week so I ran to buy a pair for myself, they are the perfect fit. It was love at first sight when I saw Grace Sandals on gold. I will never take them off !

Fanatik it`s looking for bloggers and because I like them I will try to see if I have any luck. I bought this cute and sexy knit tee and boho rings ( comes in 9 colours ). Wish me luck !

Glam Affair Amberly - Europa Frostbite
Fake Cateye & Avon Makeup 
Fake Realistic Eyes - Blue Beach
Censored Mila Lipstick
Izzie's Teeth
Elikatira Found - Bright Blondes ( 70 % off Sale )
Fanatik Tee Dress Knit - Nude
Gos Grace Sandals - Gold
Fanatik Gold Boho Rings - Black Stone
Maxi Gossamer 60' Gogo Disks - Candy Colours ( Group Gift )
Fleshtone The Daenerys Bag - Black
Slink Mesh Hands - Casual

Izzie`s Silicone Model