Over the time I always wanted to make myself some tutorials but I always delay for some reasons and some times I just feel like all I had in mind was already done, so at this moment I will only share with you my most precious sources for tutorials and many other helpful stuff.

My first "to go" place for tutorials is Berry's tutorial page and if she had any ideea how often I check her pages she could easy report me at the police for being a stalker.

If you are a blogger, SL Blogger Support is a "must have" on your blogroll because this is one of the greatest sources of tutorials for photoshop, marketing tools, photography, windlights and also a great tool to find what events are happening or will happend, designers looking for bloggers, interviews and of course the in-world group wich is full of amazing and helping fellow bloggers. If you wish to apply here is a form.

My favorite windlights are made by:

Annan Adored - Part 1 & Part 2
Luna Jubilee - Windlights
Strawberry Singh - her own Windlights and a collection from a lot of people's windlights.

New World Notes is more of an entartaining and techniqual informations kind of blog, frankly I don't know in wich category to put it but I really enjoy it and you learn a lot of good stuff there about SL and other virtual environments.

Seraphim is another perfect place for informations, events, fairs and hunts,etc.

*Work in progress !

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