July 13, 2013

Hair Fair Sim

Well hello there ! Hair Fair it's officially opened for public and I made a few pics to show you the ingenous and cool sim that team from HF made. I was up late last night because I wanted to be sure I can make photos without the worry of lag when the gates are opened for everyone; I bought a few hair styles wich I will show you in the next few days and of course I will go back to buy more. You will probably ask why not wait till the fair is ending and go right to the stores and avoid lag, right?

You may know or not but this is a charity event and a donation of  all purchases at Hair Fair goes to Wigs For Kids, and 100 % of all Bandana Sales and Kiosk Donations go to Wigs For Kids also. And this I belive it's a strong reason to fight an eventual lag. Oh and if you take some pictures share them on Hair Fair official Flickr. If you scroll down the page I have put all the slurls for every store at the fair and I just hope it will be usefull for you.

How amazing is this lego ideea? I just love it.

Love, Roxi !

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