July 7, 2011

Vita`s Boudoir

I love Vita`s Boudoir creations because are so elegant and out of normal, i think represents a cosmo women
at a fancy party. When i went first time in the store and saw this dress it was like love at first sight!! I knew i have to buy it because its unique and has such great details mixed that seems weird but totally impressive, i like this abstract concept with feather,roses,birds and human skulls and brains.

Anyways clothes are not all because a women has to take care of her skin and what other way then by preparing a healthy mask for face AND its all natural :). Yes i wanna go further to real life and revealing you every time a beauty trick that i will collect them from Cosmopolitan magazine!
Here are the steps for preparing it:
-1 scraped apple
-1 scraped carrot
-4-5 spoons of honey
Mix it, put it on youre face and keep it 10 minutes, I already tried it and has great benefits for our skin girls!!
 Go Frutti Beauty!!!

Skin: Belleza Elle- group gift (250 L$ fee to join)  Belleza
Outfit: Vita`s Boudoir "Fashion Revealed"- not free Vita`s Boudoir
Shoes: N-core XtremeHeels-old group gift N-core
Hair: [Raspberry]-gift from  Hair Fair
Eyes & Lashes: {Meghindo`s}Pam Black Eyes & Andreea Lashes- old gift  Meghindo
Jewelry: Treasure- Lazuri Nefertiti- old gift from Accesory fair
Nails: Finesmith- old subscribe gift  Finesmith

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