July 24, 2012

Like A Princess !!

        Hello !! Last night I was strugglin to make two photos and it took me 3 hours OMG !! Of course when I make pics on the studio it doesn`t take me so long, but everywhere else on high settings my laptop crashes over and over again, and every setting I try to make it on high it takes me about 15-20 or even 30 seconds till is activated. Sometimes I say to myself " Ok this is it!! No more photos outdoors!! ", well it`s hard to listen myself cause I do like some nice views. I really don`t know what to do, it`s so frustratting when something is not rezzed well and I have to take that photo again, it is really hard. And I am so mad I didn`t listen to my friend when I bought this laptop, he was telling me that this graphic card is not that good, though the other "things" are pretty good, I am such a noob on technology. Now I can`t buy another one, I have it for one year only, but I do miss pc. Oh and btw Iphone sucks too !! If you don`t belive me then try to save your numbers on the sim, it won`t work, so if your iphone brokes or you loose it, you will loose all your numbers, and this is just one of the many inconviniences I found on it ! Yay \o/ !!

                                            Ok now for my post today, I hope you all like it :)

*My UglyDorothy* Twiggy Skin - 07 Burly ( teeth )  NEW !!
*Cosmopolitan Nude* Alexa Shape - 150 L$ NEW !!
Izzie`s Deep Dark Eyes - Black NEW !!
LOGO Alessandra Hair - Blonde @ Hair Fair !
Rama Rowanberry Satin Lace Dress
Vero Modero Boots from Okul Set - Black
WTG Ribbon-Classic Tiara & Bangles with Gloves

Purple Poses  - Gabriela NEW !! 

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