July 10, 2012

I support Gala Phoenix !!

I hurd about the legal issues between Hush and Curio about a week ago or so, I consider myself still a noob in sl because of many things I haven`t got the oportunity to learn such as inspecting skins to tell if that is stolen or not. I tend to stay neutral on other`s battles, but I do like to help and for that reason I am supporting Gala Phoenix `s Fundraiser by showing you a few items in the next posts that are sold for the benefit of her and the legal fees she has to pay. 

Letting bad things beside I want to show you a precious gown from *LpD* that Nevery made it for Maniera Westwood Event, and you have one week to buy it :) 

{essences} Moana Skin - Rosy Pale @ One Voice Fundraiser 
Elikatira Abbey Hair - Brown
Finesmith Louise Luminous Necklace & Bracelet - Pearl change ( NEW )
*LpD* Marie Antoinette Dress - Sunset @ Maniera Westwood Event ( NEW )
Nardcotix Absinthe Heels - Black & White ( Old Gift )

Purple Poses Barbie ( NEW )

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