July 13, 2012

No It`s Not Christmas Is Better: It`s Hair Fair !!!

As usual when it`s a sale or fair like in this case I`m broke .... I don`t know how is this possible, everytime I don`t need that much I have money but when I need them more the wind it`s blowing in my virtual pocket. Hair Fair it`s my favorite of all fairs, I am a hairocholic in sl. Now I have some master plans in my mind how to get a huge amount of money for the next week so I can spend them on hair \o/ . Well actually I will just fill my card, but enough with me and look what a cute hair released Logo and it will be available at Hair Fair, I choosed an Auburn colour that looks so great on a tan skin. Later updates about Hair Fair will come in the next days when I will be able to shop, and also if you haven`t join yet there is a demo group were you can get them so you can avoid making hundreads of tp`s to unpack a demo, copy paste it in your local chat  =>

Mother Goose`s Charmy Skin ( 1 L$ )
"tsg" Smooth Eyes - Aqua
*LpD* Barbara Lipgloss - Dense ( From Barbara New Skin Line )
Logo Michelle II - Auburn @ Hair Fair ! ( NEW )
Toki-Doki Naoko Jacket - ZigZag
*LpD* Boho Girl - Beige ( Only The Top )
ColdLogic Breslin Shorts - Tomato ( NEW )
Toki-Doki Studded Loafers - Mint
ASO! Cross Antique Necklace - Gold & Crystal
ASO! Leather Cross Bracelets - Gold & Blue; Gold & Yellow
Izzie`s Classic Nails

Purple Poses

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