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November 21, 2012

Happy Birthday !

Heya sweeties, today it`s my B`day and how better way to celebrate it with you guys then making a blogpost?! I was very trilled to recive so many wishes all day long, I just felt so good to see people cares about me. Since you guys don`t know who I am in rl I decided to share a few infos about me and I encourage you to do the same if you wish.

I am a 22 years old roumanian girl that loves to learn and know all related to fashion, that`s the main reason why I went to University at Journalism. One thing that botters me is that I haven`t find out yet if I have some sort of talent on anything, I use to say that I am anti-talent, but as a student I have a lot of free time and I guess I am talented on spending hours on sl.

Another characteristic of mine is that I love dogs and cats so much that I hope and dream like a little child to receive one on every birthday, Christmas, anytime. But unfortunately neither my boyfriend or parents agree to keep animals in our home. Yes, I do live with my parents and no I do not live with my boyfriend; we do want to live together but now we can`t afford to buy a house for us so we wait till the right moment comes.

I hate saying or seeing on others those self-characterisation, seems so false "Oh look at me I am smart, pretty and funny, I am perfect.." or "I hate that, I hate this, you`re a bitch, oh wait no I am a bitch, f*ck everyone I am the best.. " . Well I may overreacted but like I said why do you have to tell how you are!? Why don`t let us tell you how you are?! ( I think this is more about sl, because I reffer on people inworld, but this reflects what I think about certain people )

Enough about me for the moment, what about you? I love to see storys about people, to meet them.

Essences Maria - Soleil Dark at The Dressing Room
Bilo Najwa Eyes - Mist Blue at Unhinged Eku
Glam Affair Couture Eyeliner no.03
Fashionably Dead Saturday - Blonde
Whippet & Buck Claven Lace Blouse - Eggshell
Ricielli Blazer - Beige ( Charmin Hunt, 15 L$ )
The Secret Store Rise Skinny Jeans - Mint
Meli Imako Ladies Flat Ankle Boots - Mocha
Sugar Heart Mesh Dimple Piercings - Black Steel & Tattoo Dimples
Glow Studio Black Eye Necklace at The Dressing Room ( Past Round )
Glow Studio Shapes Bracelet at The Dressing Room Blue
Izzie`s Claw Nails - Purple

Label Motion Poses  freebie!!

July 21, 2012

Fabulous can be cheap or free !!

       I haven`t gone hunting or collect group gifts for a long time and I almost forgot the trill when you find something cute and the joy of not knowing what will you find in the box. The Gallery Gift Shop celebrates it`s one year anniversary with gifts and a hunt, from there I got this cute glasses and envelope clutch. I descovered today a shop that I never heard before, it`s called Fanatik and is offering a fabulous pencil skirt as a group gift, joining is free for a limited period of time. The hair style I am wearing is a 1 L$ gift from Ison at Hair Fair! and this skin I have worn in the last 3 or 4 posts that I absolutely fall in love with is from JeSyLiLO at a special of 80 L$ at Stuff in Sock for a limited period of time also. I feel fabulous in this outfit and I hope you all enjoy my photos, oh and hurry up that hunt doesn`t last much longer !!

JeSyLiLO Skin @Stuff in Stock !
*Cosmopolitan Nude* Alexa Shape - 150 L$ NEW !!
Ison Viviana @ Hair Fair ! - 1 L$ 
Izzie`s Bow Tie Blouse - Beige
Fanatik Pencil Skirt Leather - Rose GROUP GIFT, FREE !!
::HH:: Hucci D`Ann Pumps - Coral ( Old Som Gift )
[22769] Femme Envelope Bag - Champaign Hunt Gift The Gallery Gift Shop
Kumaki Summer Round Specs - Hunt GiftThe Gallery Gift Shop
WTG Modish GW  Jeweled Nails
WTG Dignity Bangles

-label motion-  Free Poses