November 5, 2013

"Avatar Look Alikes Challenge" by Strawberry Singh

For Berry's new challenge I have to say this: no one told me that my avi looks like someone and I never try to make my avi to look like someone from real life. As for the Celebrity Look A like Generator it seems I look like Eva Mendez :)). I create and modify my shape in order to fit a skin but my body is almost everytime the same ( it's an ideal for me in rl ). I change my face everytime I want a new feature to be distinct. I tried once to do a Natalie Portman shape but I failed so I gave up creating shapes based on real people. I would like to know people's opinion on who my avatar looks like so if you have something in mind let me know.

Fake has released a new line called "Violet" and it is fabulous. Personally when I check a skin for the first time I look at lips, eyebrows and skin tone; Bonnie made some gorgeous eyebrows with a natural look and preciouss lips on Violet. It is by far my favorite line from Fake. 

Kostum 9 it's a cute little event and the second round just started a few days ago. There are several brands that offers cute stuff at a low price. My favorites of this round is this large pearl necklace from Modern Couture and Librarian Clutch from Le Primitif. 

My new favorite pair of pants are "My Cotton Jean" from Monso and they are available at Fameshed for November round. They come in two versions for boots and normal and several colours to choose from; I am wearing navy as it's one of the colours I love. Why they are my new favorites? Well that's quite simple: high quality and great butt :)

For this round of Fameshed I absolutely love the new "Piki" sweater from Mustresse because it's so cozy and sweet; it comes in 7 pure color designs, 7 stripe designs, 7 wave designs and 7 line designs.There are 10 texts to choose from and a no text option. 

Fake Violet - Olive
Fake Strawberry Lips
Tuli Black Lashes
Insufferable Dastard Reflection Eyes Light - BlueGreen
Liquence F2 in Color Ombres
Mutresse Piki Sweater @Fameshed
Monso My Cotton Jean - Navy @Fameshed
Modern Couture Jewelry Pearl Necklace - Metal/Cream @Kostum 9
Toro O Watch Colorblock - Red @Kostum 9
Le Primitif Librarian Clutch @Kostum 9
fri.day Allison Boots - Hot Cocoa
Slink Mesh Hands - Elegant
Imeka Poses Soley & Aria @Kostum 9

Love, Roxi !