November 15, 2013

Santa Does Exist - Christmas Store

In one month and ten days will be the best hollyday of the year, my favorite, Christmas. I happend to know a new store, with full perm Christmas decorations, wich opened recently. The main reason why I am interested in this shop is because they have some nice Christmas animated cards and being full perm means you can gift them to your loved ones and friends.

There you will find a lot of super cute items such as reindeer, squirell, numerous kinds of decoration lights, home decoration, furniture, Christmas tree, pine trees with snow, clothes and many others all in Christmas theme. All items are full perm !

I bought for myself a penguin and some lights but I am not stoping here, once again decoration fever caught me and I need a lot of winter/Christmas stuff to fill my new Turnip Skydome. Santa Does Exist and you can find it here !

Love, Roxi !

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