February 21, 2013

Backstage !

Hello sweets ! The biggest news I have is Gos Boutique 's gift wich is available for a week or so now, I just hope you guys entered in the group cause now it's 500 L$ fee to join. But if you didn't join when was free don't think twice cause Gos it's planning to do more gifts and it's well worth it.

At PXL you will find a gatcha machine with 7 skins named "Seven Sins Skins" based on Kate Natural skintone. There are 2 rare, one of them I am wearing it just a little modified in PS at eyeliner, and the price is 99 L$ per play. Have fun !!


PXL Kate 7Sins - Lust ( Gatcha/Rare )
Fake Cateye & Avon Makeup
Fake Realistic Eyes - Blue Beach
Alice Project Tyr Infinity for  Global Domination 
Villena Coat - Cream ( Hud color change for scarf )
Baiastice Gilda Trousers - Wine
Gos Boutique Grace Sandals - Red Glitter ( group gift )
Cae Timeless Earrings 


Pilot Borovsky Stage for Global Domination
Cheeky Pea Anti-Valentine Love Fly To The Sky Bench

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