February 27, 2013

Happy Anniversary ColdLogic !

I remember that a year ago ColdLogic, a innovative new project of three talented designers, has borned. It was the first store based all on original mesh items, as you may know a year ago mesh wasn`t so popular as was a relative new technology.

Even though the store wasn`t opened they set up a subscribe-o-matic with a gift and a contest for all bloggers. At that time I was a noob in blogging and I didn`t tought I will have any chance to get in as there were and still are amazing and talented bloggers. The big surprise was when I got my first review pack from them and I was so excited but still I tought it was just a one time basis. And it wasn`t, I become part of the team and I am honored to have the chance to colaborate with one of the best mesh store in second life.

I don`t like to say big words if I don`t mean it, but what am I even talking about? Everyone knows by now about the great quality and perfect textured clothes from ColdLogic. Once again this team has prepared another chance for bloggers to join the team by submitting a photo to Flickr from were they will choose the best photos and as a reward they will receive all year free review packs. Good luck to everyone !

As for me I am joining a contest for bloggers that are already on the team, I won`t give details cause this is not relevant for you but I will say this: ColdLogic team knows how to spoil their bloggers !

Mother Goose's Suzanne 1 L$
Fake Realistic Eyes - Blue Beach
Fake Lona Eyebrows - Blonde
Elikatira Found - Bright Blonde
ColdLogic Combo Farrow/No Dress - Charcoal 
Izzie's Mademoiselle Bra - Nude
Izzie's Low Neck Tee - Black
ColdLogic Jeans Peck 05
Meli Imako Suede Wedge Ankle Boots - Black
Glam Affair Couture Eyeliner no.03
Glam Affair Valentina Earrings - Black at The Dressing Room Fusion
Fanatik Tyrolia Vintage Bangles
Fanatik Gold Boho Rings - Blue
Slink Mesh Hands - Gesture

Imeka Bunny Gift Poses 1 L$

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