October 18, 2012

Rain can`t stop me !!

Hello :) ! Well again some oldies and new items for my "Raid your Closet" challenge, and you can blame it only on my busy rl. Despite that I have some really good news, Magika has put a gift for Halloween, but remember you have to be on subscriber mailling list and you have to touch the vendor, not buy it.

A new line of gorgeous jeans with some cute patterns was released this days by Evolve, the thing I like most about this jeans is that sexy ass. Dadabeiz has some recent releases on peep-toes and bags with some great looking details such as floral pattern on shoes and some cute, interesting cowish textures on bags with hanging sunglasses and scarf.

Aaaaand my oldies but goodies are some releases in this summer from Toki Doki, all season shirt and naoko jackets, they are still layer and prim clothing, sometimes I freack out that I don`t have anymore those. I do love mesh but sometimes I feel I want to go old school.

Essences Skin "Cynthia"    Gatcha - 150 L$/play
Censored Lipstick "Mila" 8
Izzie`s Natural Mesh Eyes - Soft Green
Magika Hair "Blood Faint"   free!!
Toki-Doki Naoko Jacket - Pois
Toki-Doki All Season Shirt - Leo Heart
Evolve Chevron Jeans - Grey   new!!
Dadabeiz Floral Peep - Toes - Blue   new!!
Dadabeiz Delic Bag - Leo   new!!
WTG Autumn Moon Bangles   September Group Gift!!
Izzie`s Cracked Nails

Purple Poses Silena @Cinema !   new!!

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