October 3, 2012

Raid your closet !! Look 1 !!

Hey Hey !! A good thing about bloggers is that words are spread so quick, especially awesome challenges that makes me want to participate. Last year Lucie Bluebird came up with a challenge Raid your Closet and now she has challenged us again,the goal is to make posts with items we got before this month begun.

So my first tought was that I have so many clothes that I never got the chance to show it from so many reasons like lack of time, busy rl, etc. I knew exactly what I want to show now: first it`s a dress from Priss that I got it on a spring sale with only 30 L$ and second is a hair from Exile that I just don`t know why I haven`t put together with an outfit and just post it. Everything I wear it`s at least one month old or more.

I am going to shake my inventory of dust and bring up some lovely items that were got lost, and also I will try not to be late with my post cause this one was supposed to be published yesterday but I got busy in rl.

And since I didn`t get my fall mood yet because of the warm days I tought maybe a nice decor will help me a little so I went at Izzie`s as she always changes her sim on every season, I don`t know if it`s just me or she makes it everytime more beautiful.

Izzie`s Skin "Faith" - Pale
Izzie`s Lipstick Peach & Eyeshadow Brown
The Sugar Garden Eyes "Spilled Milk" - Deep Blue
Cosmopolitan Nude Shape "Alexa"
Exile Hair "Take it off" - Beach
Priss Dress "Cotton Slouche" - Red
Slave Beads Sandals - Beige
WTG Necklace "Honey"
Izzie`s Classic Nails

Label Motion NYG Poses   Free

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