October 14, 2012

Raid your closet ! Look 2 ! And Cinema !

Today I tought I had lost my inspiration for good, almost all sunday I tried a trilion outfits, and trying to put something together, nothing seemed to work or satisifies me. Afterall I finally got something that not only satisifies me but I also love very much what came up with some oldies but goodies and a few new items.

Sometimes I just forget I have thousands of clothing in my inventory and I don`t raid my closet as I should do, and after I am freaking out that I don`t have anything to wear I start unpacking boxes that maybe are even a few months old, just sitting there and waiting for me to unwrap them.

So I know, I didn`t make my challenge "Raid your closet" this week but I have a really good reason, I was so busy in rl that I absolutly couldn`t do it and because I don`t want to fail I am going to cheat just a little with some new shoes and a new skin, but the rest of my outfit it`s before 30 september, I swear !! Oh and bag and poses are new :S but that`s it !!

And before I forget a super awesome and so waited event has begun today: Ladies and gentlemens I invite you to Cinema !

Izzie`s Skin "Fuyu" - Pale   new!!
Izzie`s Black Eyeliner & Peach Lipstick from "Fuyu" line   new!!
Izzie`s Dark Mesh Eyes - Brown
Handmade Hair "Casual" - Scarlet
Jane Drifter Halter - Champagne
Jack Spoon Bernie Lace Collar - White
Erratic Zoey Leather Pants - Blue
Dadabeiz Gothic Pumps - Beige Heels   new!!
Ricielli Mesh Yuse Bag - Etnic     Halloween Hunt, 15 L$ 
Osakki  Hamur Mettal Cuff & Ring - Copper    ( old group gift )
Izzie`s Classic Nails

Ilaya Fashion Walk  ( with poses, though I didn`t use them )
Purple Poses Long Cigarette @Cinema ! Pictures 1 & 2
Purple Poses Silena @Cinema ! Picture 3

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