January 18, 2012

I stole Superman`s blouse !!

Girls listen up this story: Last night I spend a faboulous day with Superman. Even tough he didn`t took out his costume while we had dinner at a luxurious restaurant, and I bet all wonder why he wears underpants on top of his tights?? LoL !! Anyways when he took me to his house it was: 4th july?? Yup !! Fireworks !!Sooooo... In the morning I grabed all my things from ... chandelier, tv, window OMG!! from every were. And in that rush I had to take a souvenir to show you my proof... I was so excited to come really quick so I can tell you about this and LADIES & GENTLEMEN : Superman has an annuncement to make: WANTED!! ROXI BLUEWOOD HAS STOLEN MY BLOUSE!! I HEARD SHE HIDES IT IN Le Lolo !!

Skin: Pink Acid Jackie - Caramel (NEW)
Hair: Esk-imo Bobbie
Blouse: Le Lolo I`m Superman (NEW)
Pants: Le Lolo Lil ripped pants - grey
Shoes: "tsg" Ugg Boots - Tan
Knitted Scarf & PomPom Hat: "tsg" Hot Pink
Mittens: Izzie`s Norwegian Mittens - Brown

Poses: Retro`

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