January 28, 2012

Friendship !!

This post is like a tribute to my 2 best friends from sl <3. This giant scary dog represents my friendship with them, because they will always defend me from anything and have a good word when I will needed it. Unfortunatley one of them will leave soon sl for a long year and 3 months :(. We will miss her and hoping that she will have acces at internet so we can see her from time to time. A dog is the most loyal animal for a human and it loves you unconditional that`s why I choose him as a symbol. I don`t know if it is the longest friendship from sl but for almost a year we are daily together and I can not imagine my sl without them. Cherish your friends and show them always your love and respect.I love you Chrystal & Jool !!

XoXo, Roxi B.

Skin: "tsg" Chloe in Lolita - T/Bust/Brown Moles
Lipgloss: "tsg" Lipgloss Orange
Eyelashes: {Meghindo`s} Andreea 2.0 Lashes
Hair: Exile Kumiko - Darksand (Old Group Gift)
Shirt: KIM Lala Vogue - Mesh (Recent Release)
Leggings: erratic. Laser Cut
Shoes: [GIEREH] Crownly White - High Heel Boots
Bracelet: [DDL] Toca Para Mi  (Group Gift)
Nails: ...:::Scrub:::... Spyked - Black (Recent Realese)
Clutch: ...:::Scrub:::... Studs Storm - Past Fashionably Late

Poses: [Fairy Tail] & tram.  (Group Gift) 

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