February 21, 2014

Another kind of Little Red Riding Hood !

What I like about Enchantment event ? It's lasting 3 months and therefore is no rush and more likely people who are not so up to date with fashion events in SL won't miss it. And let's face it who doesn't love to dress up like their favorite characters from our childhood stories.

Because I got to the point of mentioning about childhood I want to say that it is outrageous that kids this days prefer to stay in front of a laptop or a tablet or their parents expensive smartphone instead of going out to play or to do stupid things such as get in to all puddles ( when I was a kid I liked to smash the thin ice above the puddle and of course 90% of the times my feet slighted in to water ). I will stop here because I get really angry and I won't stop rambling about this subject for the next hour or so.

Back to the topic of Enchantment , oh my god how much I love this sensual dress from Peqe. I just hope I didn't overprocess this pictures, it really isn't my style but I got carried away with Pickmonkey filters.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that I took this pictures at 'It all starts with a smile' sim wich at the moment isn't available for public because it's being changed for spring so this is just a small preview of it. But Kaelyn told me it will open it's virtual doors for large public in march so it won't be so long until you guys can visit this gorgeous sim. I can't praise enough about Kae's talent of decorating a full sim and making it looking so damn good. Good job Kae, it looks fantastic <3 p="">

Essences Emma - Doux*
Song Alaska Ivy Eye*
Buzz Lip Balm - Cherry*
Diva Manon - Cat's Eye
Peqe Riding Hood Ombre - Red @Enchantment*
Modern Couture - Nacre Jewelry*
Slink Mesh Hands - Casual
Izzie's Nails Appliers - Red*
Posesion Formal Skirt Poses*

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