May 16, 2013

Come back !

Long time has passed, well only a month I belive, but it seems much more. I feel guilty and I miss so much my blog so I decided it's time to explain why I have been away this time. In the past month I got a new job, my final exams are aproaching really fast and I am on the way of graduating university, also in my personal life has been some changes.

Though I am very exhausted right now I couldn't postpone this because I don't want you to think that I am quiting. No way ! I am here to stay because I love too much this blog and I have invested real feelings an passion in it. I will still be very busy in rl for the next month with exams and stuff but I will try to make a slow come back till I finish them and after that I will be able to post as regular as I did before.

Love, Roxi !

PXL Sophia Pale W/Freckles - Light Eyebrows - Red Lips 
Tuli Lashes - Black
Truth Nydia w/roots - Swedish
Insufferable Dastard Eyes - Light BlueGreen
h.m.a.e.m. Zucchero Camisole - Yellow
Villena High Waisted Acid Wash Skinnies - Mint
Inside Lab. Studded Flat Clutch - Neon Yellow
Just Design Tundra Blue Suede
Slink Mesh Hands 

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