March 26, 2013

Social Media Meme

Berry has come up with another meme about Social Media and I will join my planned blogpost with this meme. It's quite interesting this ideea because made me actually read posts from other bloggers and I can get to know them better. At the beggining sometimes I just made photos and drop some credits when I wasn't inspired on my writting and let's face it I am not that good at grammar so that always makes me worry I will make horrible misspelling and everybody will notice.

But for a long time know I write on each post whatever I feel without the fear and with this tought in my mind: only by practicing I will get better. When I created this blog I knew I wanted to use english because it's universal language wich most of the people knows it.

What was the first social network you joined using your SL Avatar ?
Flickr in March 2011

Wich social network are you currently on using your SL Avatar ?
Right now I joined Google+ and Koinup so feel free to add me as I am new 

Wich network is your favorite ?
Well since I only use 2 I will have to say both, each of them have different characteristics that I like. Plurk because I can socialise and reach people as I couldn't do it in SL and Flickr because I can share my work and also see other's work very easy.

Wich network is your least favorite ?
I can't really understand why is facebook and others networks necessary since this two I have known are awesome but now I keep thinking maybe I should try too. I don't know maybe I'll have a blast or maybe I'll get borred. Sometimes is hard to deal with so many ways of networking.

Wich network do you have the most amount of connections ? 

How/Where do you usually read/use most of your networks ?
On my laptop -> it's my life ( before having this laptop I was telling my phone it's my life )

What are your favorite social network apps? ( if applicable )
I have Plurka and Flickr on my phone but I use them very rare.

What do you like most about social networking sites ?
The fact that I can socialize, share and see other' s people work,toughts and beliefs. Also I can find out stuff that I may miss in world.

What do you like least aboust social networking sites ?
Drama and rude people. Many times when I wanted to say something bad about someone or something I've changed my mind and reffrain myself from writting it down because it's a bad habbit and I want to get ride of it and I also don't want to be the same like other people. I am the nice girl whom if you will talk ugly with her, she will ignore it ( well not always because I am a human and I can defend myself and be bad too, but I prefer not to )

Do you feel social networks are good way to promote you/your brand/your work ?
Yes !! it's a good marketing tool if you know how to use it and not abuse it. 

What is your main reason for using Social Networks ?
First when I joined Flickr was just for sharing pictures with my friends on SL and they didn't have a drop of fashion/blog/anything else, it was just a "facebook" for SL. Now of course is for promoting my work but also for the fun of being part of a community.

Belleza Summer Skin ( Last Fifty Linden Friday )
Izzie's Asia Lipstick - Purple at Skin Fair
Insufferable Dastard Light Eyes - BlueGreen
Truth Video Games - Red with Purple Headband at The Arcade
ColdLogic Shirt Fabares - Violet
Villena Tucked Up Jeans - Red
Gos Boutique Grace Sandals - Red ( Group Gift/500 L$ Fee )
Me Jewelery Ops Necklace & Ring at WCF
Slink Mesh Hands - Elegant & Gesture


  1. In a sense you're right, the other networks are not really needed but for those that enjoy social networking, it can be a lot of fun to be connected everywhere. I hope you give the others a try as well. Thanks for participating!

    1. I do enjoy social networking and to be honest till now I haven't heard about koinup and I didn't really knew how to manage google+. So I am giving them a try and maybe at a later date I will also try others too. While I was reading other's meme I realise how many other social media exists and how little I use. This is a great meme Berry and I am glad you challenged us !

  2. I NEED those jeans! Thanks for sharing your meme :)

    *Adds Villena to my shopping list*