March 14, 2013

Lovely Nea !

Hi !! Yesterday I took pics with my brand new Hybrid Nea Mesh Avatar wich will be available at Skin Fair and tomorow it is the grand opening so you won't have to wait to long to get your own sweet and fresh face.

First of all, as I am a stalker of Gogo' s blog I saw she made a post quite similar with what I had in mind and just to clarify I didn`t copy her look, I already taken the photos but as this saying the world is quite small and oh well ... briliant minds think the same :D.

G'Field has the cutest dress I have seen lately and some matching wedge pumps for Fashion For Life, wich obviously when I saw Snow Rabbit's sweet mesh head Nea I tought will work out together perfectly. And to complete my outfit I didn`t need any accesories at all just a lovely hair style from Diva, so the new Flora from  Collabor88 was exactly what I wanted.

Nine eye makeups available

Five lipstick options in natural and glossy sortiments

Snow Rabbit Hybrid Mesh Avatar Nea - Milky White at Skin Fair
Diva Flora Type B - Cat's Eye at Collabor88
Insufferable Dastard Reflections Eyes - Light BlueGreen
G'Field Puff Sleeve Dress Taylor - White & Mint at Fashion For Life
G'Field Wedge Pumps Adele - Coral at Fashion For Life
Slink Mesh Hands - Gesture

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