November 6, 2012

Pink !!

Hey Hey !! I saw a few bloggers posting about this interesting sim called Cica and I ran over to take a few pics. Indeed it`s a special and cute sim and enjoyed beeing there, I could stay all day and explore or just stare at this wonderful and creative place.

I will be short with this post  ... funny thing lately I feel so inspired on pics ... but not in words ! Oh well, I have a strange mind. Have a good day !!


Essences Skin "Cynthia"     gatcha 150 L$/play
Izzie`s Deep Dark Mesh Eyes - Blue
Lamb Hair "Pearl" - Blur Ombre
Monso My Baseball Jacket - Pink   new!!
Yulicie Fresh Summer Dress
Monso My Fabric Oxford
Monso My Bunny Band - White     old gift
Izzie`s Heart Necklace @Perfect Wardrobe !
Izzie`s Classic Nails

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