November 13, 2012

Wonderful World !

Hey !! This are my first edited pics in photoshop and I hope you like them, but keep this in mind I have never worked before in PS. I will try to improve myself and learn more about this awesome program wich I don`t know why I haven`t had the courage to try it before. Yes I know, it`s hard but after you understand it becomes really easy and fun to work with.

Going further, today I am wearing my favorite blouse from Izzie`s wich I have worn in several photos, the reason why I like it so much is because it`s tucked and works so great with skirts and of course I love the texture. 

Luse it`s a new store available only on marketplace, I must say it`s a great start from this designer because I just love this Lola skirt.


Izzie`s Fuyu - Sunkissed ( Eyeshadow PinkBlue, Eyeliner, Lipstick Pink, Freckles )
Elikatira Abbey - Brown
Izzie`s Bow Tie Blouse - Beige
Luse Lola Skirt - Rose Smoke
JD Deviant Shoes - Salmon ( Group Gift )
Luse Olympia Leather Clutch - Black
Izzie`s  Metal Stripe Nails

Purple Poses Mesh Stair & Poses

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