September 17, 2012

Fall ... just hold me !!

Half of a tree is now with yellow leafs that are ready to fall while the other half is holding tight on it`s green leafs, maybe summer will last longer in that way, and me ... well I am reinventing a new me as I tend to do when fall arrives with it`s light warnings of wind and chilli days. I don`t know why this season makes me feel like I am loosing something each and everytime but in the same time I have a strong feeling that something will change my life. I found a very nice song that I must share with you darlings and I hope you will enjoy it !

JeSyLiLO Sofi - Light Skin J3   NEW!!
Exile Hair Groove Theory - Vanilla
ColdLogic Keach Dress - Navy   NEW!!
Ju Charlie Boots 
WTG Autumn Moon Earings   Group Gift!!
Izzie`s Gradient Nails - Metallic   NEW!!
Les Petits Details Shopping Bag - Brown

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