September 28, 2012

Back to school !!

Classes starts on monday at University and though I don`t wear an uniform it reminds me of high school when was an attempt from teachers to make us wear one. Of course back then I tought it is childish and I didn`t like it but now I feel like maybe it would have been better to enjoy more. It says that second life it`s not only a game, it is also a place wear you can furfill your fantasy altough school girl is not really a fantasy for me I enjoyed so much wearing this uniform and felt so good. Morphine, the owner and creator of all Monso designs is very talented and in my eyes she is unique from all the others. I see lots of designers creating the same models and it is just refreshing to see something new.

My Uglydorothy Joo Skin - Salmon   new!!
The Sugar Garden Spilled Milk Eyes - Aquamarine   new!!
Jesylilo Eyeliner - Black no 1 from Nana Skin
Burley Reena Braid - Blonde
Monso My school Look - Blazer with Hud   new!!
Ju Charlie Boots
Izzie`s Satchel Bag - Red
Izzie`s Classic Nails

Purple Poses Tara
Wetcat School Daze - Chair and Board

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