May 22, 2012

Summer hunt at Finesmith and other goodies from Coldlogic !!

      Heya !! So there is a hunt going on at Finesmith for members of the group, if you are not in it yet you have to know that is a fee to join it but belive me it does worth it because every month you will recive gorgeous gifts and also in this hunt are so many jewelery that are exclusive items. 
      Today I descovered that Urban has some gorgeous shoes only at 10 L$, and I am so surprised what a good quality product is and also so cheap, you should check out other products that are at the same price and same quality as what I am wearing in this post.
      ColdLogic has released some pants ant tops in they own characteristic classy style that creats a great shape  and makes your body look feminine with curves that define your waist. Happy Shopping :)

Hush @ Skin Addiction Showcase: Daisy Blue - Vanilla mb ( NEW ) Available from 25 May 
Izzie`s: Dark Mesh Eyes - Black
Lamb!: Pearl (mesh) - Blur Ombre ( NEW )
ColdLogic: Top Peregrine - Mango ( NEW )
ColdLogic: Capri Dee - Navy ( NEW )
Urban Girl: Isadora Pumps - Black ( 10 L$ )
Finesmith: Let it drop Necklace ( Hunt Gift in-store )
Finesmith: Travel Bag - Tan/Mint ( Hunt Gift in-store )
Finesmith: Seeing Colors - Ring Pastel ( Hunt Gift in-store )

Purple Poses

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