May 13, 2012

Hey there !!

 Hello everyone I have some news , while I was gone on a trip some nice stuff were released. So I haven`t told you but I was on a road trip in my country, I saw a few citys that I`ve fallen in love with them. First was Sibiu, it is a european capital of culture but above that i saw some streets that made me belive like I was in Venice but without water :D .... in Craiova, another city I adore old buildings and arhitecture but the one that made me fall in love was Bucharest, Romania`s capital. This city is always full of life, everybody is in a rush that makes you dizzy and lots of nice places to visit, as I am living in a smaller city I felt like I am moving in slow motion in comparations to rest of the world that surrounded me. My trip was too short but I will remain with beautifull memories, I just can`t wait to pass 2 weeks because I will go again and I want to visit a special place for me. It is special because I made an obssesion for 4 years already and also will remeber me something beautifull.

So enough about my trip, I hope you like my pics and bellow you will find like always credits from my outfit.

[Hush]: Grace Skin - SmokeyFire - Cream mb nc ( NEW )
BDE !: Roxi Shape ( 5 L$ )
Exile: Groove Theory - Light Blondes ( New @ Culture Shock )
KIM: Summer Top ( New @ Culture Shock )
Piccara @ BDE !: High Waist Jeans - Blue ( NEW )
PICHI: Ava Wedge - Blue
(Milk Motion) @ TDR Blue !: My little leather bag  ( NEW )
WTG: Dignity Jewelry ( Recent Release )
Scrub: Denim Nails ( NEW )

Purple Poses

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