March 28, 2014


Skin Fair is closing it's virtual doors in two days so make sure you checked all stores because there are a lot of designers with gorgeous creations. One of my favorite is Bjork from My Uglydorothy, when I try a skin the first thing I look at are the eyebrows and lips so you may ask why eyebrows? Because as in RL some good shaped eyebrows can change the entire look, and lips? oh well I think I have a thing for lips. Of course after that I check other details such as tone, blush and overall look. 

For this pictures I wanted to keep them clean and simple that is why I chose to take them on a white background. Till now I didn't use textures for my studio but I want to find some good colours because sometimes I get so busy in RL and the only way I can create a new post is by taking pictures in studio as it is a faster way because at sims I crash a lot before I can take a good photo. If you guys know a good in-world shop or websites were I can download let me know. 

I love this sheer blouse from Motiame, the only thing I wished for is to be easier to match with other pants or skirts, unfortunately it works only with the matching plated skirt. I tried a few options and I couldn't make it look good. This skirt is cute but I wanted something else, but overall I am pleased.

Song Sweety - Ivy Eyes @Kostum9
Truth Colbie
Motiame Sheer Blouse & Flared Skirt - Black @Kostum9
fri.day Diana Heels - Black Slink Add-On
LaGyo Mollie Earrings - Gold
Slink Mesh Medium Feet & Hands
Imeka Poses

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