January 17, 2014

Practical Jokes Meme by Strawberry Singh

I wish an awesome and Happy New Year to all my readers and I am indeed happy I can finally start a new blogging year. Till now I was busy with holidays and after that with some work in rl, that is the reason I haven't been so active in the past month.

After some time I become a blogger I found myself becoming more lonely and more busy in sl. Usually you can find me putting together a perfect home or a perfect outfit, I find it hard to go out socialize though in rl I am oposite to what I am in sl. I remember how much fun I used to have in sl and now is like I grew up from being a childish little girl to a serious career women, I kind of forgot how can a person have fun here in our little virtual world. Would you teach me to have fun again? :)

This was a little introduction to Berry's new Practical Jokes Meme:

Meme Instructions: Share one or more practical jokes that either you have played on others or others have played on you inworld. If you have pictures or videos to share of it, even better. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments.

1. There is one particular joke my two old friends from sl who have deleted me from their list made me, we used to call eachother and make conference in rl and one day wich I belive it was 1st april ( Prank Day, wich I forgot about )  they called to ask me on what street I live because they are in my town and they want to pay me a visit. Of course at first I was very excited till I figured out it was just a prank so we had a very good laugh. 

2. We had editing permissions from each other so we constantly returned the platform to fall when one or all of us weren't paying attention. 

This is all I can remember right now, have fun !!

Trompe Loeil Willoughby Lakehouse Warm*
Dutchie Complete Kitchen*
Dutchie Mesh Cooker*
Dutchie 1930's Refrigerator*
Dutchie Kitchen Island*
Dutchie Making Bread Dough w/Animation*
Dutchie Tray With Black Coffee*
Dutchie Tiled Kitchen Wall Part*
Dutchie Bucket With Mop*
Dutchie Broom*
Trompe Loeil Blue Sky Beer Bottle*
Trompe Loeil C. Edo Beer Bottle*
Trompe Loeil Drunkenstein Beer Bottle*
Trompe Loeil Kaptain Khan Island Rum Bottle*
Trompe Loeil Deliastovaneska Vodka Bottle*
Trompe Loeil Gormison Fine Whiskey Bottle*
Trompe Loeil Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle*
Trompe Loeil Brinkster Gin Bottle*
Cheeky Pea Salty Bar Stool*
Consignment & Cheeky Pea Quiet Night Rug*
Lark Baking Tins*


  1. Oh man, deleting the platform is so mean lolol. That's something Mr. Jefferson would do to me too, but luckily he just made it phantom. Happy new year!

    1. :))) Berry I belive you are Mr. Jefferson's favorite persone to bully and to prank constantly, as I saw from your post you had to take in a lot of pranks from him and Zaara :P

  2. Happy new year, hope you will have Roxi :), great job on your blog and that was my best prank :))))

    1. Thank you Chris, I wish you too an awesome year and may your dreams come true :)

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