April 3, 2013

My SL Pet Peeves Meme

I usually try to not get involved with drama, fights and negative toughts but from time to time I feel I am being draged into and I feel it's not fair. I don't want to talk bad about anyone or hurt people because I know how that can affect you and yesterday I had such a bad day and I tought Berry' s new meme will help me get off all this negativitty inside me.

On a second tought I didn't feel it's alright to spill out all the feelings I have gathered in that state of mind so I decided to just wait a day when I will have my judgement clear.

1. Toxic Friends: When I did my first meme about Procrastination I didn't mention "the closest friend" not because I don't have friends, I do, but I didn't felt there is "the closest". And guess what? I was deleted by two of my friends in SL because I didn't mention them. Really? Are you that desperate for attention? 
That is tacky and I am sick of giving explanations and justify every word and if someone reacts like that means they are no friends. I am sick and tired of toxic friendships were is no respect and you are draged in dramas. If I would wanted to be a drama queen I could be but that is not me. I respect everyone and I demand the same treat, if not well we can just go on different paths but I will always leave a place for a "good day".

2. "Bitchy Profiles": I sometimes read people's profiles who are arround me but when I see some of them with bad attitudes and "I am cool, you are not / I am a bitch / Don't mess with me cause I am going to kill you, beat you, etc "  I always think: "Really? Who cares how bad you are? " . I sure don't care if you describe your bad ass in a profile, it doesn't mean it's also true, it just means you are a little scared girl who tries to be someone else. Oh and the quotes like that are the same on the most of the so call "bitches" in SL.  Stop trying to look bad and try to be yourself. 

3. Bloggers who don't use Antialiasing: For God's sake go to Preferences -> Graphics -> Hardware Settings -> check that little box were is Anisotropic Filtering -> And choose Antialiasing at least on 2X. If you are new in blogging I will understand you haven't got all the tips yet but if you are an older blogger like over 1 year that is not an excuse. 

4. No Demo?/ 1L$: I bought once from a store were there was no demo for shoes, I will never do that again. Those shoes were bad quality and I regret paying for them and I will never go back to that store again. Also if you are charging me 1 L$ for a demo I will pass on trying your products and probably if you got good stuff I will never know.

5. Spam Gestures: If you spam all over the local chat with "Paaaaaaarty" doesn't mean it really is a party or people are really having the best time of their lives. Why don't you just try to start a conversation? It can turn out to be a better "party" and you can actually laugh. 

Tuli Elyse Sultry Pack - Pearl/Blond
Tuli Elyse Lips - Intense Red
Fake Cateye Makeup
Insufferable Dastard Light Eyes - BlueGreen
Truth Tenille 2 w/Roots - Mirage
Villena Studded Dress -Mint 

Juxtapose Still Waters at Pose Fair


  1. Wow - #1 is just sad. How can people delete you over something like that...get over yourselves already. But at least you learned who your friends are.

    Good read! :)

    1. I am glad you enjoy reaing this and yes the first is quite sad, but unfortunately this is the world we are living in ! So I try to be as positive as I can be. Thank you for stopping by ! :)

  2. That made me sad reading #1 as well. I'm sorry you lost friends over it. It's a shame people get offended over such little things. Thanks for participating again! <3

    1. I was in shock when I heard the reason, I find it pueril but like I sad before I won't even try to change people's opinion. It's my pleasure to take part of this memes and thank you Berry <3

    2. I totally agree with you.

  3. #4, definitely. I've walked away from many stores because they charge 1L for a demo. It's not that I'm cheap, it's that I get suspicious of the seller. If they're so greedy as to charge 1L for something I'm going to toss, how much of a mark up do they have on their regular line?

    1. They have to think if in rl every store would charge a fee to try on products ( even if it's just 1 penny ) people wouldn't even dare to buy because let's face it we all like to try several clothes before we decide on what to buy or at least that's me.