June 11, 2012

Sunday Walks !!

       Heey <3  ..... I had to make a new post to show you this skin from JeSyLiLO wich beside the cheap price ( 75 L$ ) has a special think that I see sometimes, cute and sexy in the same time. Truth has a group gift in the subscribe-o-matic, Jessie - all colours, that is very cute .... a month ago Clawtoth gave a gift very similiar with this but with a short tail and available in one colour only ..... Truth is being generous so go girls pick that gift :)
      Enough with gifts and cheapies, Toki-Doki has released some casual but stilish loafers that are perfect for long walks ( your feets won`t hurt :D ).
      CHIC² is lasting till 24 june so make sure you take a look because are a lot of things such as hair, clothes, shoes and also furniture and of course a few gifts. 


JeSyLiLO: Light Skin - Lazy Sunday ( 75 L$ )
Izzie`s: Teeth Set 
Truth: Jessie - Mirage w/roots ( SOM Gift )
Jane : Keen Tank - Quarry
Maitreya: Zipper Skinny Jeans - Dirty
Toki-Doki: Studded Loafers - Blue ( NEW )
Kim @ Private Room: Square Earings ( NEW )
MG @ CHIC² !: Eden Sun Pendant - Short ( NEW )
ASO!: Leather Cross Bracelet - Sorbet Blue
Izzie`s: Classic Nails

Purple Poses: Kristen ( Soon @ Zombie Popcorn Carnival )

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