June 17, 2012

Fifty Linden Fridays are back & ZombiePopcorn Carnival !!

Hello my dear readers <3 ..... I have good news, Fifty Linden Fridays is back and i couldn`t resist to check the stores wich participated this friday and I found at Wassabi Pils a cute blonde hair with pink highlights. Also this week were some new releases at Izzie`s, leggings with aztec print and let me say I am a huge fan of them in rl were I have norway, aztec and paper/magazines print. For any other releases and news you can check credits bellow the photos. 

Wish you all a gorgeous sunny day <3 !!

JeSyLiLO: Jessica - Light Skin 
JeSyLiLO: JesLips - Dark Pink
Mayfly: Liquid Light Eyes - Rainshower ( NEW )
Izzie`s @ ZombiePopcorn Carnival !: Loose Crochet Top - Pink ( NEW )
Izzie`s @ ZombiePopcorn Carnival !: Leggings Aztec Print - Cyan ( NEW )
Toki-Doki: Studded Loafers - Tan ( Recent Release )
Izzie`s @ Perfect Wardrobe !: Cracked Nails ( NEW )
~Pepper~: Necklace & Bracelets - Mamba Black ( NEW )

Purple Poses: Kristin ( ZombiePopcorn Carnival ) & Guitar Poses ( NEW )

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