April 20, 2012

My favorite Jeans !!

             I will say just one thing: Maitreya makes the best ass in all SL, I just love mesh pants from this store. Anyways yesterday I was making a little cleaning in my inventory and like always when I do that I discover stuffs since I was a noob, now I found a pretty cute shirt and I just couldn`t delete it. 
              Lately I made posts only with new releases and I do like but I also like to put freebies and oldies and I kind of forgott doing this. In the past month I was very busy in RL so I couldn`t make new posts as much as I wanted and now I finally have time to do what I like in SL. 

                                            Have a fabulous day all of you !! <3

Sugar: Skin Needy Me - Leaf C-3 ( GROUP GIFT )
{Handmade}: Hair Casual - Scarlet
Fri.Day: Shirt Ruched Button ( Very Old Gift ) 
Maitreya: Zipper Skinny Jeans - Dirty ( 210 L$ if you wear Group Tag ) (NEW)
N-core: Coquette Platform - Turquoise ( Past WomenStuff Hunt )
Gok: Splash Clutch Mesh - Orange
Finesmith: Mohar Jewelry - Pekan ( NEW )
Izzie`s: Classic Nails

Purple Poses: Holly ( NEW )

1 comment:

  1. Maitreya DOES make the best ass, in jeans, leggings AND dresses lol.... :)

    I said the same thing in my blog too hehe.